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  1. You're welcome I randomly found this forum with a post about someone using the extract and her skin is clearing only after a few days. The post below hers talks about how it's safe to use long term, but take breaks if you're on any other meds. The extract in water 3 times per day is what you need according to the brand you've got, and remember to take only one drop per cup. The person in the post is taking 20 drops but I'm sure she's got a weak formula, like maybe not even 50mg while you're g
  2. The first link you listed, I can't see where it says it contains the extract in the capsules. Does it say how much mg's of extract it contains per capsule? I'd give the capsules a try first, that way you wont waste your money and it may be good enough. If you see no results, definitely purchase the extract, the second link looks great...it says 30ml per bottle, you only need 1ml 3 times per day which will only last you 10 days per bottle, so you'll want to buy 3 if possible, to last you a month.
  3. I've heard a ton of good things about it! Milk thistle completely got rid of someones bad skin psoriasis, she took the extract though because it's much more effective. I'd recommend you buy the extract instead of the basic milk thistle, there's a huge difference between the two. It's more expensive but well worth it!
  4. Oh I know, dry skin sucksss lol..and it's so hard to moisturize dry skin! I use vaseline on my dry days and it surprisingly never breaks me out. That's awesome your skin is getting better, what are you doing for it, or taking?

  5. lol I know, I feel like a ball of wax in the sun...my face melts off too. In the winter though, sometimes my skin gets so dry to the point where i can't even smile lol but then a few hours later its like an oil fountain. Skin can be so spazztic sometimes it's retarded! Anyway I don't wanna jinx it but I think my skin is calming down a bit...I'm too old for this crap lol.

  6. I've always thought it has something to do with a pimple that has already formed weeks ago under the skin, and when you eat something that doesn't agree with you, you aggravate the pimple and it pops up within a few hours? I don't know, I've always thought it went like that.
  7. If you love coffee like me, I wouldn't cut it out from your diet right away. Coffee does absolutely nothing to upset my skin..but I think it's mainly because I don't use white sugar or dairy in it. I use raw honey and just a bit of almond milk. Coffee isn't bad for everyone. It's the ONE thing I find joy in drinking everyday that doesn't do anything to my skin. And if I were you, I'd hold off on the accutane thing. I can't mention how many bad things I've heard about it. It will literally destr
  8. I know, the sun can be so depressing! I'm usually more down when it's summer compared to when it's winter cuz there's so much I'd love to do, but the heat literally melts the makeup off my face, lol. It's so unfair.

  9. Lol ya i know how it feels. I find it hard to appreciate the sun sometimes bc u know sunlight shows everything! Not only that but obviously i can't get a tan with a ton of makeup on so my body always gets tanned but my face doesnt lol.

  10. Amazing! You must be so thrilled! Question, instead of the actual iodine treatment, would eating the right amount of kale bring the same results since it's a high form of iodine? I've been thinking about adding kale everyday to my green smoothies. I think you're right on about the iodine thing though, too many people think iodine is bad for the skin because of what they've heard (like I used to think, until doing more research recently). Iodine can be bad for the skin ONLY if you over do it, i
  11. I love the sun, it makes my skin look twice as better..I just hate the actual tanning part because people always tend to come in my yard whenever I go out there, like neighbors! And I don't want to them to see me lol. Yeah it's been gorgeous here lately. I'd love to just be able to spend the entire day outside and not worry about my stupid skin!

  12. U wish?... ur using one of THOSE kinds of acne treatments? I hate that part of the treatments. I got some sun the other day... alot actually lol. It was beautiful last week and the week before, I think, but this week is ugly-ness...it's more like late sept/early oct.

  13. You can buy wheat/gluten-free bread and pastas at your health food store. I like bread by Glutino, I buy the flaxseed one, however it tastes like cardboard if you eat it plain, toasting it is amazingly good. There are many varieties of wheat-free pastas out there.
  14. Thanks lol. Yes, we're very cool. We rock ass haha. And today is finally hot and sunny, I wish I could go tanning. How's the weather there?

  15. I added u as a friend too lol