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  1. I think it depends how you feel about it. If you're sitting alone and you're cool with it, nothings wrong with that. There's many days when I find that I prefer sitting around on my own when there's things I could be doing. It's relaxing, especially because sometimes I find socializing to take effort...
  2. Urine? Are you talking about drinking it or applying it topically? I use urine in my morning shower, and I think it's been working somewhat. Urine has antibacterial properties, and I also noticed it works well for removing oil from my face. I just cup my hands and splash it over my face a few times, gently rubbing the face to further remove the oil from it (I have very oily skin). You could try zinc supplements, I hear those work. I'm taking some right now. Zinc monomethionine (commonly called
  3. haha, thanks. it's a product of one day just fooling around with facial expressions and a camera.

  4. lol, i'm loving the personal photo.

  5. I think walking might be sufficient, but I really don't know much about exercise. According to this, it can help you lose weight, so perhaps it's good enough? What about riding a bicycle? Or perhaps a stationary bicycle if you have a gym nearby.
  6. I really don't think people do. They're not as bright and noticeable as acne, and all they really show is that the person had gone through acne. In fact, it's really like any other scar you might get in battle ("yeah, this one is from when I was sword fighting and my opponent sliced my chest open", "and these are from the long and enduring battle I had with acne - I totally kicked its ass"). I don't think people judge scars any more than thinking about how severe your acne must have been based
  7. Woahhh!! Three dancing cats! And they dance, dance, dance, and they meow, meow, meow.
  8. Well, I could, I just always forget. I never have my bed made, so my pillow's always out there in the open. But yeah, I tend to forget about it, and then if someone comes in it's too late for me to make my bed or move the pillow. So, it's definitley my own fault.. so I guess I should probably start making the effort to make my bed or move the pillow before guests come.
  9. I am currently an undergraduate in college and I live in a dorm room. The only places to sit in my room are in my chair (occupied by me), the bed, and the floor. Since the floor isn't that fun to sit on, whenever friends come over they'll sit on the bed, and I just can't CAN'T stand when they sit on the pillow, or throw their coat or backpack on the pillow, or lie on the bed with their shoes on the pillow!!!! I used to tell people to watch out for the pillow, cause hey, I sleep there! But rece
  10. Don't worry about, it's fine to let your anger out. I feel that way 100%, as I'm sure we all here do. I didn't realize how absurd the whole regimen of washing face, applying lotion after lotion after lotion is until I recently how some of my friends go to sleep. I was doing homework in a friend's room with another guy, and the friend whose room it was finished and decided to go to sleep (he didnt care if we stayed), and all he did was brush his teeth! And then he went to sleep in his sweatshirt
  11. Dude, we should all become vampires! Vampires can't see themselves in mirrors. It'll make life so much easier!
  12. That's really a shame that the acne returned! It's so hard to face acne after being clear for a while. Although, it doesn't sound like the fault was in your diet. Perhaps you can try to do this experiment again at some later time, but next time don't go to a health spa, and keep up your diet and water intake.
  13. They don't even offer to order you some? I remember when I went to the pharmacy for some presecription a few years ago they were like "sorry, we dont have any, but if you wanna wait such-and-such number of days, we can order it for you"