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  1. hah, I'm glad your stoked atrocious. nd95, if you try this reg don't expect instant results it took many months for me.
  2. This reg worked for me, anyone else still on this bad boy?
  3. hmm, seems like my post got deleted. Anyways, like I was saying. I've been on this reg for almost 3 months now and its still the best reg I've ever been on. The feeling of having clear skin and not having to leave any creams on my face all day is awesome. I think more people need to give this reg a shot if nothing else has worked for them, although if you do, make sure you're in it for the long-term and don't expect instant results!
  4. john, whats up with bfg's reg.
  5. To everyone on this reg. Make sure your drink PLENTY of water when taking the fiber pills.
  6. That thermaclear device looks awesome. I wish I had one, its going to be great for you to use as your acne gets drawn to the surface.
  7. Ah yes, a fantastic reminder to eat healthy! I have a habit of slacking off after a while, but thanks for the memo. I just ran to the fridge and grabbed some carrots! edit; maple syrup has quite a bit of zinc in it, who would have thought.
  8. how much do cortisone injections cost? with health insurance, and without?
  9. Its the best reg I've ever tried. I'm almost to clearsville. I still believe I'll be completely clear by the 5th week, which is only a week away for me. Sure, their have been a couple hick-ups along the way. Those are expected as the pimples get drawn to the surface. I just gotta stick it out and I'm sure I'll have this shit beat. I highly recommend this reg to all kinds of acne sufferers, cystic or not. My acne was part cystic, part inflamed. Bottom line I think, if your acne has been s
  10. Yea I'm feeling a little bit discouraged the past few days after a 2 week mark breakout. :( Definitely gonna stick with it though and still have high hopes. Ah just want to be clear by thanksgiving! :pray: I also had a small 2 week breakout, they went away very quickly. but now I haven't had one in about a week and a half. Stick it out!
  11. yea dude.. that looks pretty minor. Just throw any good topical on there and you should be fine.