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  1. well garlic is good for your body but rubbing garlic on acne never tried idea sounds pretty wild but it might work if garlic really works...consider ginger...hmm
  2. do you no wat's the ratio of tea tree oil to jojoba oil i should use?
  3. well i've never tried, but i heard tea tree oil is pretty strong and you should dilute it before applying it on the face like lotion so i'm wonder for teat tree oil users how effected was it for you? and what other oil can you use to dilute ?
  4. think it's different for every person it may or may not, just wait for results
  5. OMG WHAT!? i'm in the same situation as you i've stopped tazorac after a 3 month treatment when my skin was perfect...and after like a month acne starts coming back and now i'm on it again ( although the IBO was as severe as first one) So are you guys saying if we want to be acne-free, we have to stick with this medication for the rest of our lives?
  6. you reasoning sounds interesting and does have some truth in it
  7. 2x a day how was your skin color then did it look really tanned?
  8. my skin was pretty clear there was no problem i loved how it is now except the tan though hmm i didn't have much of a peeling because i have oily skin also my derm prescribed me clindamycin lotion to apply for the day i was also on minocycline during the treatment which was antibiotics and controlled my breakouts currently i am using nothing except tazorac for acne-preventing
  9. well when i was on tazorac my IBO started like a few days and got worse and worse for the first 2 weeks and then started stabilzing then of course improved i'm not sure if this worked, but during the first month of IB i carefully watched my diet and made sure I didn't have any pimple or acne causing food.
  10. okay so here's how it goes I started tazorac back in oct 07 and finished by early jan 08 (3 months) now my skin color on my face is so tanned compared to my hand and skin in other areas I feel weird looking i tried to avoid as much UV as possible during treatment, but it's still dark does anyone else have the same problem? and will my skin return to pre-tazorac treatment color? how long?
  11. the derm says to apply at bedtime and i usually leave tazorac on overnight i've been reading and see many people use them for 10mins - 20mins only also strange, but using tazorac overnight gives me a slight itch at times and i don't use any moisturizer during tazorac
  12. hey i'm using Clindamycin phosphate lotion too started using for 10 days now and using along with Tazorac +Minocycline i'm not sure if i should put additional moisturizer on because the clindamycin is in lotion form already
  13. i'm 6 days into it experiencing IB >_>
  14. no mayb i should rephrase it and ask if BP can build up resistance for instance after applying bp on your face, is there any possibility where the bacteria on your face becomes resistant to that specific BP brand?