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  1. But so many people say you have to stick with it for 12 weeks so I am afraid that if I stop these 4 horrible weeks were all for nothing...
  2. @eternalrocket Exactly 4 weeks in and still breaking out, acne is on its worst now. Should I continue?
  3. I follow you in this. It has been enough for me. If my derm suggests it, I will as well.
  4. Your skin looks amazing... Just try to think about the days of all these bumps and how you don't have to worry about that anymore, be grateful, be careless, go out without make-up, take a walk and let the sun shine on your bare face, regain your confidence, you can start living your life to the fullest now. It is the dream of all of the people here... I am currently on my 4th week of Epiduo (0,1% adapalene (which is a retinoïd) and 2,5% benzoylperoxide), still breaking out and skin looks worse t
  5. @fiksi I really appreciate your concerns but I do agree with jPablo, I feel like the pictures don't give a correct image. At the moment my whole face hurts when I move it because of the under the skin cysts that didn't come to the surface yet, and that you as consequence can't see on the pictures (yet)... And me being so young is maybe more dangerous but it also makes having acne really emotionally heavy. I have no confidence or self-worth left. Seeing all these careless teens... I can't deal w
  6. We'll get through this. Your appointment is in 4 days already