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  1. this is a long periodic time ago but did it work lol
  2. Do you have rosacea? And is your skin sensitive? I’m just afraid to put any products on my face because it’s sensitive to everything and i feel like i’ll make it worse. Also my skin is somewhat more oily right now because i just barely got off accutane. But yeah your results are amazing. It’s kind of expensive though and i’d have to pay for it (parents wouldn’t). Do you actually believe it’d work for me? And also will the redness come back if i stop usin the products or will it heal my skin
  3. Hello. I recommend you view my other post before reading this one but if not it’s all good. Before I started accutane i had pretty bad facial redness. I fully blame benzoyl peroxide, and my dermatologist. I was prescribed BP at age 12 or 13 and i’d slather that stuff on my face. It has damaged it quite a bit. Anyways i’m on my last month of accutane switching between 80 mg to 120 every other day. My acne is cleared (just a few red spots from previous acne that should go away with time) and i’m h
  4. Hey man exact same problem if you wanna check my post. Hopefully you see this but how is your face doing now? What about the redness? Did accutane make your face more red?
  5. Thanks for the response man. So you think my cheeks will get more red then? As of right now i do use a gentle cleanser by cetaphil just once at night, then put loads of lotion before bed then some in the morning. For my situation though are there any products that’d help?
  6. Hello there. Currently i’m 15 years of age. I’ve had acne since probably age 12. I’ve used many over the counter products such at BP and minocycline and all this other stuff. When i first got on BP (benzoyl peroxide) I just slathered that stuff on my face. For the past 2 years my skin has been pretty darn red, dry, super sun sensitive, and irritated. To me it looks super bad and it’s kind of depressing. I kept using BP cuz if i stopped then my face would breakout. I do not have cystic acne or ba