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  1. FittingCrake

    Acne Fulminans

    Thank you for the help and for giving back. I read your story on your forum and it gives me hope. I am currently worried about my redness and scars but I don’t want to do anything yet since I’m on Accutane and I wouldn’t know if there would Be any side effects. Is ivermectin/metronidazole for acne or redness?
  2. FittingCrake

    Acne Fulminans

    For the few out there who have or had acne fulminans , I am desperate to hear from you. The aftermath of acne fulminans has been tough 2 months in.
  3. FittingCrake

    Acne Fulminans Diagnosis

    Hi I was diagnosed with acne fulminans in early September and with prednisone, it started going away. All of my ulcers have now closed but I am left with deep scars all over my face neck and body. I am currently on Accutane and doing fine. However it’s difficult to accept that I don’t look like how I used to. My skin is scarred and red. People look at me differently. I just wish to hear from someone who has had acne fulminans for a longer time than me.