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    Newbridge, South Wales
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    Am a pretty sporty dude i play lots of different sports but I love playing football mostly (soccer to u americans). As for my muisc am a bit of a metal head, love my metal/rock and some pretty heavy metal. I love to go out and have a drink or two or three or four or has many as i can take. <br /><br />Thats about it boring i know!!

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  1. Wrote this post a few months ago and i have changed big time. I had a girlfriend and also broke up with her. For some reason now i have a few girls after me. Got a date too wooo!!!! today. I think its cuz am funny bugger and i look different at myslef now i think well am not that bad looking.
  2. Cuz we care what other people think. When we real shouldnt give a crap.
  3. Ahh quite a change of pace there, man! Excellent. I hope things continue to look up for you.
  4. This summer has been great for me and am on a high. My ance is'nt to bad, my skin is looking good. I have a girlfriend now my frist and have lots of good mate. I Been on holiday twice and had a great time there. Been out a lot more with mates clubbing and just enjoying myslef. Life is good at the moment.
  5. Heyaa, not been on org for sometime. Soz i was'nt on msn this week but will b eon sat so speak to u than if ur on.

  6. ahh this help to me too, i have this girl i like we text loads very day and i do take her out, taking her out day. Sometimes shes text me frist and whenever i go out clubbing with my mates shes always asking me am i going to pull. Cheers man this helps A LOT.
  7. dandy lol. Am doing great thanks.

  8. im doing just dandy [: you?

  9. of course. am always bored too lol. how u doing anyway?

  10. help me im bored ]:

  11. hooking up i think u mean kissing. I really would'nt care about my face if a girl was all over me. It does'nt happen to offend but when it does i dont care and get on with it and leave my acne at the back of my mine and dont think about it.
  12. Dating websites, not a good idea god know who they bloody are. They say there a one thing and there probably not. U can get yourself into some crap there. Your a nice looking girl, u can find a guy that lives near u am 100% sure of that. Head up.
  13. Electic shaver thats what i use. I would never use a blade i would cut myslef like hell lol.