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  1. I did a web search for plastic surgeons in my area and then I started sending out e-mails. I went with a reconstructive plastic surgeon who answered my e-mail personally. He answered all of my questions and told me his price up front. It was reasonable, and we corresponded several times, with him answering questions for me before I had even made an appointment. To me, this spoke volumes about his dedication as a doctor. Some of the others had a nurse or medical assistant e-mail me back wit
  2. About excisions - The ps who did my scalpel excision said that he can do 50 punch excisions (using a punch tool) in an hour. Each one usually requires 1 or 2 stitches to close it up while it heals. As far as having a fine linear scar, I think that ACell would help to heal it so that it blends in with the surrounding skin. If a laser can blend very fine scars in, just think what something like ACell or something similar could do! I wonder if we could get Mike Manning to come onto the board
  3. I am sure you can find a compassionate doctor who is just as good, if not better, for much less money than what Saint Dr. Rapaport, :angel: God bless him for his humane understanding and "innovation" in TCA Cross, would charge you...
  4. He wanted to charge$2000+ for subcision and laser. My plan was to just get the subcision for $850 but he said without laser to not expect much. He basicly made it sound worthless without laser. He did not even mention excision. I have all kinds of scars on both cheeks and my fore head. I'm sure they can pretty much do the procedure on any part of the face. even below the ear or whatever. just curious, are you in new jersey?? just asking because we could help eachother find somebody possibly. l
  5. Hi Munsoned, You can go to any plastic surgeon. Cutting and stitching is the first thing that they learn. I went to a reconstructive plastic surgeon last September who did a scalpel excision. He used layered sutures so that it wouldn't sink back in. Since it was for only one scar (I wanted to see what the resulting scar from the procedure would look like), he charged $200. If I get all of the deep scars on my forehead and cheeks done it will be around $1,400.00, which is $100.00 per scar.
  6. AutumnGlow, 1-2 weeks isn't very long considering how expensive it is... Did you order and inject it yourself? I wonder does it last longer if it is purchased and done by a doctor? (maybe it is more "real"?) I hope not, because it's almost twice if not three times as expensive. Jan31 oh I know and it cost me a fortune too. first i had Resty injected by a PS and then i decided to do it myself.. The PS injected my entire cheek, not the individual scars. I was pretty bruised up. I have a
  7. AutumnGlow, 1-2 weeks isn't very long considering how expensive it is... Did you order and inject it yourself? I wonder does it last longer if it is purchased and done by a doctor? (maybe it is more "real"?) I hope not, because it's almost twice if not three times as expensive. Jan31
  8. Sometimes people just start writing about something as part of their post to further a point they are trying to make. No one here should assume that they have the right to monitor postings and to decide what is and is not proper according to their own opinions. That's kind of narcissistic.
  9. Isoflous, Hey, thanks! I am definitely voting for Obama and praying that he gets in. Jan31
  10. It has made my scars much less noticable and improved the texture of my skin. I had it done a few times about 5 years ago by a derm and I got significant improvement, although she only did it 3 times using a 35% solution. I noticed that some of the scars started to become more noticable and so, I ordered TCA and started doing it on my own. Some of my scars have too much tissue loss and those ones will have to be excised, but it has totally filled in some of my scars and greatly minimized most
  11. I had a deep pit up by my hairline that looked like a dent excised by a plastic surgeon last September. He used a scalpel and layered sutures, 2 on the inside and 4 on top. I took them out myself after 5 days. I now have a very, very faint linear scar. You have to be up close and really look for it. It looks like a fine wrinkle. I could get it blended in even more with a laser but am going to wait until I have gotten a few more of my deep cystic acne scars cut and stitched. I am so very
  12. I've heard nothing but good things about Julie's TCA as well as her other products, some of which I have used myself. When doing a Cross, I always touch the inside of the scar with the toothpick and press down slightly. If the scar doesn't frost white, I then dip the toothpick into the TCA and apply it again, being very careful because it spreads. Everyone always recommends that you do one or two scars to test it out so you know how to place the toothpick and how much to use. You want to be
  13. Hey *unknown*, I had one surgical excision with layered sutures by a plastic surgeon. There is now a very faint linear scar that is only slightly depressed, whereas before there was a dent (up by my hairline). I plan to get several other deep scars that are on my forehead excised, and to then get the fine lines blended in even more with a laser (if I can't get ACell). As I said, the resulting scar from the excision is very, very faint and, for me, a big improvement over what was there befor
  14. actually in all honesty, I can remember where I had it worse. Along my jawline, around my chin, and the area below my lips i had bad cysts. I have gotten them in other areas, but as serious as they were they never seemed to scar along THAT particular area. Then along my cheeks I would get scars that I didn't even know the origin of because I didn't think i had anything bad enough to scar in that area lol. It's really frustrating. Any I get around my cheeks and nose scare me cuz I am afraid they
  15. Well...we can get a major improvement with excision followed by laser resurfacing of the excision scars. Hopefully, something like ACell or Juvista will help blend them in even more. And there's TCA CROSS. That also works. It's not perfect, but at least it's a good improvement.