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  1. My doctor told me that it can take up to 40 days after a treatment for your skin to show improvement. I found that my skin looked better around week 8 after the treatment compared to week 4. After 3 treatments I wasnt satisfied with my results. I asked my doctor if I could do a 4th treatment and he agreed. I went for my 4th treament 5 days ago.
  2. Hi I was just wondering how many acne products I will have to try before my doctor puts me on accutane. I have tried Benzoyl Peroxide and clindicymn. I had no improvement with my acne while on this regimen. Now he is trying me on tazorac and tetracycline. If this doesnt work will accutane likely be the next step? If past users of accutane could share with me what they had to try before their doctor put them on accutane it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  3. Are you not getting a 4th or 5th treatment?
  4. Alright i had my first ala/pdt treatment on wednesday. I had the Levulan left on my face for an hour and then went under the blue light for 8 minutes. Today on day 4 my face is slightly red but no pealing has occured. My acne however has gotten slightly worse sicne the treatment. Just wondering how long until i can return to my dan kern regimen?
  5. thanks for the advice. Im definetly going to stay indoors for 48 hours
  6. thank you very much for the information. It will definetly come in handy when i go for my treatment
  7. For those of you who have tried Levulan Blue Light Photodynamic therapy,I just have a few questions for you: 1) How long it took your skin to return to normal? 2) How severe was the peeling and redness after the treatment? 3) Were the peeling and redness so bad that you were to embarrased to go to school or work for a couple days? I am mainly just curious because i am having Levulan Blue Light Photodynamic therapy done next week and i am wondering if i will have to take a couple days off s
  8. hey my situation is literly the exact same as yours. I've been on the regimen for 6 weeks. im using 1/3 fingers worth of Dans BP. My skin extremely flaky especially around the mouth. I started using jojoba oil last week and it has made a slight difference but has not eliminated flakiness. Starting tonight im going to try sleeping with a humidifier at night because ive heard it helps dry skin. Im also experimenting with moisturizers to see which one works best for reducing flakiness. Ill keep you
  9. i apologize i just realized that i but my topic in the wrong forum
  10. I am having problems with flakiness on Dan's regimen. I have tried every moisturizer and jojoba oil but nothing is working. I heard somewhere that using a humidifier at night can help dry skin a lot. I was just wondering if anybody else had heard about this or tried it before. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You