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  1. i can somehow relate to you since i'm also a christian. 7 billion ppl around the world and 150,000 ppl die every day. God must be busy to care about me..that's how i think sometimes. but i do believe in predestination. some are meant to be something..but i think majority of us are just to 'fend for ourselves.
  2. it takes more than a year to break someone's spirit. just my personal experience. i also have a cousin who studied in Japan but he came out depressed and broke because i heard Japan is very expensive to live in.. -------------------------- the US is horrible to someone who is different, like you have heard about Pheobe Prince from Ireland and Sladane Vidovic from Croatia, all committed suicide because of bullying. but the US is one of the best places getting education.. but i'm sure you'll f
  3. i also know my acne is caused by diet, mostly coffee. i haven't drank coffee in 3 years now. just take things in moderation. you know how to cure it or subdue it whatever you want to call it, so don't worry so much.
  4. money hands down i'll just buy my own island and live quietly for the rest of my life
  5. I know how exactly that felt like. Can you retrace your life back to where it all started? I really had to think really hard when in point of my life that I started to have acne breakouts. I don't remember ever really having trouble with my skin relating to drinking coffee when I was younger because I drank soda all the time, but I wanted to get rid of oily face and some of minor acne scars that I use to get when I was a teenager so I applied clearasil product that says it guarantee to remov
  6. I don't have acne anymore for more than 2 years now but I still have some acne scars which I don't care for anyway so I understand why some choose to stay because I also visit here time to time, but I think you have achieved your acne free goal when people say wth are you doing here haha... Anyway to all..just don't go to a lounge forum and look into a similar picture thread.. You'll just want to crawl under the blanket and hide for the rest of your life how ridiculously good looking some of t
  7. Hey, there. Hang in there. I just have one question. What ethnicity are you? Hope you are doing better.
  8. Manage to get your PowerPoint finished. Make sure you get a lot of slides in there. Sometimes with lots of facts, you can spend at least 3 mins on just 1 slide. 15 mins will be nothing if you do that. Is the setting in computer lab or just a regular classroom? You can always sit on your teacher's desk and click with a mouse as you hide behind the screen. I do that because I also have a speech anxiety and it works fine. Use your slides to give you a hint on what to talk about next then you won't
  9. Sorry you are going through this. Although I had mild acne but I got new 10 to 15 pimples a day until I stopped drinking coffee. Sugar and coffee can imbalance your hormones so just consider. And those counter acne products always irritated my skin and made it worse. Good luck to you.
  10. I drink a cold bottle of water. Not for healthy reason or anything, just gulp it down so I don't crave for junk food and whatnot. It always doesn't work but at least that's my method lol.
  11. What for? Everyone here already knows how painful words can be. Just keep being who you are. Yeah that sounded cheesy but you waited this long to think about taking vengeance on random people means you really don't want to hurt others. And you are right about those that mock others to boost their self esteem. They are obviously insecure themselves too. Don't be like them.
  12. Omg..I could hardly even watch it through. Poor guy. And I clicked his previous link on youtube where he talks to compare and that's not how he normally talks either. It must be really painful to even speak. Ouch. I hope he makes it through.
  13. ^ I agree that something that triggering your acne can be hard to detect like above person has said. I can control my acne as long as I don't drink coffee. I found my trigger but I also learned that canned food is not healthy as well because of sodium. My diet is still horrible and I haven't exercised in a year. I only use dove for sensitive skin soap because other acne cleanser products irritated my skin.
  14. It was a bottled frappuccino beverage that kept in a store fridge. The second one that I tried a couple days later was brewed black coffee with a same result. I drank two above time to time so it wasn't like something new that I tried. Regularly though I drank instant coffee with lots of cream and sweetnlow to little cream with little sugar and then I switched to decaf later on but the acne breakouts were constant until I stopped drinking coffee altogether.
  15. I use to get 10 to 15 new pimples everyday so I decided to stop drinking coffee to see if anythings up. Nothing was significantly noticeable. 2 weeks into no coffee diet, I slipped up and drank ice coffee thinking one cup of coffee won't hurt. This was my AH HAH moment. My face turned red, swollen up, and had what appeared to be big mosquito bite like marks and bumps all over. A couple days later I tried again to see if I was right. Sure enough I had same allergic reaction on my face. It's been