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  1. I had (yes, had) the problem with the pustules around mouth for about 2-3 years. I've already posted on this topic maybe on april, when I was just in to regime and I'd like to share what helped for me once again. I'd like to reveal my history with acne: 14 yo - 19 yo i had what i call "normal acne" - only roaccutane helped, i had 2 courses of it, after each course acne slowly showed up again. For "normal acne" diet helped - for some reason my body don't like carbs. So i basically eat meat/f
  2. I get this serum at a pharmacy that not only sell regular drugs, but also "make" by themselves. I know that in my country only one type of pharmacy do that. Maybe you could call pharmacies in your town and ask if they could make this lotion by the ingredients, or maybe ask your dermatologist about it. I don't have any scientific proof why it works (probably one of the ingredients or mix of them do the trick). It may as well be that it "works just for me", but might not help others. I also hav
  3. No, it does not help 100 %. But I do still consider it a victory. It depends on your goals. Before using the lotion I had 3-6 active pustules every day and constant itching made it even worse. Now I get a pustule about once 2 or 3 days, and it's, well, different. By saying different I mean that it does not itch as it used to and it's smaller. So for me it is a victory as I can live normally despite couple pustules. But if you'r looking for miracle cure that would make your face 100% clear - it's
  4. I'm not sure whether it's the same serum we'r using (probably not), but the one that helps for me consists of: Laevomycetini 2.0 Ac. Salicylici 1.0 Sulflur p.p. 2.5 Glycerini 5.0 Aethanoli 70o 100ml It is made by doctors prescription in only one pharmacy in my city (eastern europe). You need to shake it before using and apply on skin, it has a bitter taste when if you accidently taste it. But as doctor said it has no harm ingredients and I can use it as long as i want. It doesn't help muc
  5. Could i ask how long does it usually take to kill or significantly reduce amount of this bacteria? I'm using rubbing alcohol twice a day for my nostrils and ears for two weeks. Can't see any improvement yet. Though i got 1 little spot in my nose (maybe i didn't notice that before) and I can't think of any other option what it could be. It does sound reasonable that staph may fall into hair follicles as i usually get spots where my beard is still forming (witch is on the sides of the mouth and b
  6. I have the same type of folliculitis around mouth only, mostly on the sides of the mouth (1-3 new ones everyday), it does itch while forming and pops up in about a day or two. I noticed that new pimples usually appear around the same place near the popped ones. Is there any way to stop from spreading? I should also mention that i had used accutane 3 times and the acne did come back, and after 2nd course of accutane these pimples around mouth appeared (never had these before). The only thing tha