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  1. So my dermatologist has prescriped me Finacea, Differin .3%, and Clenia Emollient cream to use on my face twice a day. I've decided to use it once a day because it is just too much for my face to handle. The way I apply my medication is put on Finacea as a first layer on my cheeks, forehead, and chin then wait an hour to apply Differin in the same areas, then end it with Clenia on those areas and my nose. Is this regimen counterproductive? It's been working decently as of late, but since the las
  2. Differin certainly does not cost $500. I'm pretty sure the price is $137 without a prescription. If I were you, I would definitely stick with Differin if you could. The longer you use these prescriptions, the better the results.
  3. Just like everyone else said, stick with it. It took me 6+ months for my skin to start improving with differin. Keep it going, it will pay off in the end.
  4. My doctor gave me Finacea to try months ago so I tried using it on my cheeks at night along with Differin .3%. After about a month (I ran out of samples to put on my cheeks) I noticed my skin was clearer than it ever was. I wondered if it was because of my commitment to Differin (9 months now) or because of the Finacea. I asked my doctor for a prescription and I am applying it at night now on my cheeks, chin, and forehead and so far nothing severe has shown up (except for an odd zit that's comin
  5. Ah, I see what you were trying to say. I thought you were saying that you were planning on stopping your Taz treatment at the beach. I personally never used oral antibiotics when I began my retinoid (Differin) treatment, rather I used Clenia Emollient Cream (a topical antibiotic). I think you should be fine using only Tazorac, but I don't think that going to the beach will end an initial breakout stage. My IB took about three months to finally calm down even with antibiotics. My brother uses Dif
  6. Not a personal experience, but my friend finished his dose of Accutane a few months ago and his doctor prescribed him Retin-A to use directly after his Accutane dose. He told me that he can spot treat with Retin-A and the lesions go away literally the day after.
  7. Nope, definitely not using it as a spot treatment. Basically I've only really gotten acne around my mouth/chin, so I only apply it (evenly covering the whole area) there. Um, I have had a few things change recently - started the job of my dreams, working 12/13 hour days about 3-4 days a week, so that has been fairly stressful. Other than that - I went from having about 2 caffeinated beverages a day to 5 - have since cut this down to one and things seem to be calming a bit. PLUS - we get free
  8. People say that it's the saltwater, but I don't think it is. The Vitamin D that you receive from the sun will clear up your skin temporarily, but your acne will come back in full force after a few weeks. I would continue treatment with Tazorac if I were you, maybe the sun can act like an anti-bacterial agent for the initial breakout. Have you gotten an initial breakout from the Tazorac yet?
  9. I believe it's prescription only. I've never seen over the counter Azelaic acid. If you go to a dermatologist you can ask for samples which is what I use. It's only a $15 co-pay to try out a bunch of prescription medications.
  10. your username gave me a chuckle :-P

  11. That's great! I just started Differin .3 last night. I hope I have good results as well! I use Clenia Emollient Cream and it's a great topical anti-bacteria medicine. I tried to stop using it for a week and I started getting mild acne that I never had before. Although I've never tried the face wash before, Clenia is great.
  12. Nice man, congrats. I'm using Differin .3% right now as well for a couple months, but I was using Differin .1% cream for about 6 months before that. Hopefully I'll clear up as well in a few months from using .3%. Still breaking out although not as bad as before.
  13. Have you tried going to a dermatologist to see if prescription strength medicines will help you? I noticed that over the counter products did barely anything but make me red for years until I finally went to a dermatologist. Their prescription products take a while to work but are well worth the wait. Good luck.
  14. Yes, I'm on .1% differin. That's good advice..I'll talk to my dermatologist...too bad he's not a pleasant derm to deal with.
  15. My thoughts exact. For a cleanser I recommend Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, I've also heard great reviews about Purpose cleanser but never tried it myself. I've used 4 different cleansers so far that claim to be "gentle", but after repeated use prove to be the exact opposite for my skin. My skin starts out extremely dry after water touches it, then becomes oily as it tries to compensate for the dryness. So is it worth it to get even worse dry skin to become cleansed?