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  1. Hi people! I need some past experiences when you started taking a certain antibiotic dose only to have it lowered by your doctor or derm after a certain amount of time. Did it make your acne worse or did it pretty much remain the same? I'm asking because I'm currently on doxycycline (200mg for 6 months) and my dr. wants it lowered to 100mg a day. I'm pretty scared because it might not effectively suppress the acne (I'm clear as of now). Thanks! =)
  2. and?? some people here take 200 mg as well. You didn't even answer the question. Have you always been on 50mg? Is it effective for you? BTW, I'm looking for people who tapered their dose, high to low.
  3. Hi People, been a while since I posted. Can anyone here whose been on Doxy give me their experience as to what happened when your dose lowered? Did your acne come back full blown, worse after taking a lower dose or maintained its efficacy etc? I'm kinda worried it might lose efficacy at a lower dose. I didn't get approved for accutane because the derm I spoke with noted my history on it and concluded that my vertigo was caused by the drug, therefore I will remain on antibiotics until all exh
  4. Cool, finally have a response. This is the major side effect I'm very worried about. Risk factors like heredity for mental illness, faulty external environment influence etc? Sorry to get personal but what your saying is you have a family history or some sort of mental illness and accutane didn't aggravate it ?
  5. After being on doxycycline for 3 1/2 months, my acne has cleared up but new ones keep on appearing. This is very frustrating as it leaves pigmented marks on my face. I am thinking about going back on accutane again, maybe on January 08. The only thing holding me back is the psychosis bit I read about here I know its rare, but have any members here experienced it? Correct me if I'm wrong I know this is affective psychosis (manic/depressive) not hallucinatory psychosis?
  6. Hello. New member here. I have suffered from mild/moderate acne ever since my teenage years. I have tried every prescribed topical medication for acne and although somewhat successful, nothing eliminated my acne more effectively than oral medication. I was on minocycline for 1 year before my Derm decided to try accutane. Both were successful. Several months after my accutane treatment, I tried to supplement with different brands of fish oil (1200 mg EPA/DHA). I started breaking out (moderate)