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  1. I'm on the regimen and my entire face has small tiny little bumps ( no pus ) and I moisturize with jojoba oil every time. My skin texture is SO ROUGH and I don't know what to do but to stop or to keep going... Why am I getting tiny little bumps all over my entire face???
  2. I started by putting BP all over my face, my skin clears however placing BP on my face that I have never broken out before IS NOW getting a weird bumpy texture. Do I still HAVE to put BP all over my face? Can't I just put it on areas thats problematic?
  3. Hi, I'm on Day 6 and before my skin DRASTICALLY cleared up... However now my face all over have this dead skin texture and looks bumpy... I moisturize SO MUCH with so much JOJOBA OIL too... Why do I have this dead skin texture all over my face and is bumpy???
  4. I JUST WANT TO SAY THE REGIMEN is literally a miracle after DAY 4 of using it!!!
  5. Hi thank you, do you think my skin needs the Regimen at all? I'm waiting for it to come in...
  6. I have ONLY acne on my cheek area that is not in wide range and everywhere else is clear, do I still have to put BP on my ENTIRE face?
  7. Hi I cannot tell decipher what my skin is having trouble with. I had this for more than 10 years, waiting for my Regimen to come in the mail... I only have this on my cheeks. Everything else is clear. I drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, clean my pillow cases once every week, I never touch my face unless I wash it... Let me know if you know what kind of skin problem I have...