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  1. I'm over 4 months now... still getting the odd cystic spot and im really sad. red marks everywhere from scarring. so self conscious about my flaking skin throughout the day, its so hard to hide and i feel so disgusting. starting to lose hope. this whole journey has been nothing but a 4 month heartbreak. i feel like my face is destroyed now. idk what to do.
  2. How is your skin coming along now? What month/week are you into?
  3. Day 97 boyz!!! Breakouts have gone down significantly from the atrocious IB, I still get 1 or 2 a day though. Not big, but annoying enough. My biggest concern is scarring now... I moisturize religiously and am very good with my routine but I don't know how to even start treating these scars. I would be so upset if I went through all of this to have nice perfect skin and only have it end up worse than it was originally because now my face is destroyed by scars... help?
  4. so.. it's day 88 now. for a while now I've been pretty good.. my IB really started to clear up over the past 2 weeks or so. my skin has been feeling really smooth lately and not really any crazy breakouts. still worried about scarring, but hopefully I can find some tips and tricks to help with that at the end of my treatment. but basically why I'm here is because I broke out so crazy today 8 pimples on my face this afternoon and I have no idea why... I worked out at the gym recently with makeup
  5. Day 68: Christmas eve and Christmas Day were awesome! My face was healing, I had no new active zits and the redness had gone down significantly. The next day (Dec. 26) was pretty good too, it was the first day in like 2 months that I'd been able to go to work without feeling AS self conscious the whole time. I work in retail, so I see my face in the mirrors every time I'm near the fitting rooms which is always a downer. But that day, it wasn't so bad! Then the 27th I woke up with 3 large painful
  6. Day 64: I'm experiencing a few more side effects now ... the backs of my hands are becoming increasingly dry. I'm hoping this means it will start to show improvements on my face soon! Are there any indicators that tell me if I'll start seeing results? Anyone noticed anything in particular? Thanks!
  7. Ah man, I really hope so. But I'm totally in that position!! I do all my workouts at home, I avoid social events or gatherings, even avoiding boys asking me out because I used to be kinda pretty and I feel like my face now will just disgust people. It makes me paranoid that I'm like one of the 2% of people that doesn't react to accutane or something aha... The uncertainty gives me so much anxiety! I'm on day 63 or so now, and currently breaking out on my cheeks (which has yet to happen). But my
  8. ah you look amazing! I really hope this starts to happen with my skin soon too! I'm on day 61 and my cheeks and jawline are still breaking out, but my skin is definitely dry. hope it starts going in this direction soon!! good luck
  9. this is reassuring, even though it sucks haha... but yeah im just finishing 2 months and my acne has been its worst ive ever had it! I can't wait until it starts to clear because my confidence is at an all time low... mine was the exact same though, it started getting worse about 2 weeks in and just kept progressing! Were there any ways you coped with the breakout or tried to reduce it's severity? looking for any tips/tricks at this point aha... I've tried polysporin and tea tree oil recently.
  10. omg yes thank you. I literally never used moisturizer before accutane and i always feel like it makes my skin worse when i do. what about polysporin/neosporin? I've heard good and bad reviews DAY 54??? Maybe 53 I'm not sure... But yeah, still breaking out. Like basically 0 improvement. I've got bumped to 40mg on Saturday though, so hopefully that starts to make a difference sooner rather than later. Surprising that my skin wasn't awful to begin with (just extremely persistent, I tried EV
  11. Okay yeah so that didn't last long.. I keep waking up with huge painful ones still... on my cheeks and jawline. The whole lower half of my face is just in so much pain. I really think my dosage must be too low... I'm barely experiencing side effects other than slightly * dry lips. Like I barely even have to use my aquaphor. I feel like this is wrong, idk what to do, someone help please I'm on about 0.5mg/kg right now. It's almost been 7 weeks now, no improvement. Still awful.
  12. I can't believe it's almost been 2 months on accutane already! I'm pledging to myself to not pick at my face for a few days (at least, hopefully I'll just stop completely) but I work on Saturday and I really hate having to cover up all the bumps and scabs and redness. Hoping my skin will start getting smoother soon, I literally feel like a reptile or something. I hate going to work when it's this bad because my job involves greeting people and talking all the time and it's hard not to think ab
  13. do you find that the neosporin helps w the healing/redness?
  14. omg it sounds like your dryness is crazy! my lips have been the only moderately dry symptom... but yeah, my skin has been so blotchy. I'm so bad with picking at my zits though, and right now it's coming back to bite me because that's probably a big contributor to the redness considering how sensitive my skin is right now. It's also super painful, like not necessarily a zit but just a whole area of my face will feel painful and itchy or like rashy almost. I hate wearing sweaters or necklines th
  15. I'm on 30mg a day and still barely experiencing side effects... I've been breaking out since the second week worse than my acne was before! Is this normal/is there anything i can do about it?