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  1. Wow, i must say i have almost the same dilemma only mine is a little more complicated. I was actually going to make a post but w/e i found this. ok As an end of the year trip me and my class are going to tour Isreal. Of course we are going to stop off at the dead sea. I have pretty bad back acne, not so much current but i have pretty ugly scars. ok so problems- 1)I cant leave a shirt on cuz thats retarded because the whole point of the dead sea is to bathe your skin in the mineral rich water. 2
  2. I would agree that alpha hydrox 12% souffle is probiably the best AHA lotion i have tried. only one thing is that its kinda expensive for how much there is so i don't use it so often. but it feels light and w/e is just good. it's like 15 bucks for fricking 1.6 oz! w/e
  3. I was looking on Drugstore.com and stumbled upon this Naturally Clear Oral Supplement I'm ordering a couple things from drugstore.com anyway and was wondering if anyone had any opinions about this product maybe sum one has tried it? Anyway i was interested in looking for an acne supplement anyway, not in hopes to clear me completely, but maybe as an aid to my skin. So any input on what you think about this product would be much appreciated. P.S. i hope this is the right section to post this i
  4. I have used AHA before in fact i own many products containing it including the product you recommended. I just never used it as a spot treatment but w/e. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Thats interesting. Any other answers or thoughts? or maybe that in less simple terms and more detailed. But thanks man.
  6. I have been reading around that AHA is good as a spot treatment for the Regimen I was just wondering why this would be a good spot treatment. In other words what makes this work on acne. does anyone have an answer or it just works and w/e. If someone could just explain the mechanics of AHA that would be grand.
  7. This is just a friendly comment about how great Dan's packaging/bottles are - The bottles are great for many reason: they come in big sizes which is awesome for people who don't like reordering things every 2 weeks or w/e, Also you get the option for a mini size which is also great because at least i don't like having to pack a big bottle in a bag when i go somewhere. The pumps on the bottles are hands down the best pumps used for any acne product i have come across they dispense even amounts a
  8. Alright i officially stopped using grandpa's soaps on my face!!! Here are the reasons why. Thylox sulfur soap- even though this was good at first for helping get rid of my original acne but the sulfur was just too harsh to work for my skin-my skin became drier than normal and i developed more acne then before. I actually have seen in general that sulfur doesn't do anything for me just makes things worse. All the other types of soaps- The fact that each soap had at least 2 different oils in them
  9. the new soaps came yesterday which is good. ok anyway i posted a few days ago that the thylox is too drying to use 2 times a day and then i realized my skin prob gets dried out cuz i also use a 10 bp lotion right after the thylox at night. so i guess it wouldn't be too drying if it was all i used(or for anyone out there I just don't want everyone to think that it's too drying and not try it out cuz of that) secondly, i hope the thylox is working good for you Alecia, keep us posted. and wow thi
  10. I will admit that this soap is pretty drying if you use it twice a day so i stopped using it in the morning because of that and you kinda smell like sulfur after you use it and who wants to smell like sulfur? I guess other than that it works good especially for back acne- i mean on my face i don't have any large zits only some small or unnoticeable ones ones. I just really wanna try the pine tar for my red marks cuz if they go away then I'll pretty much have clear skin. anyway so i said before h
  11. ya so i guess u answered my question while i was typing up a reply. w/e anyway il just confirm the thylox soap does have 3% sulfur
  12. I'm just wondering what the deal is with pine tar soap and black heads or clogged pores or w/e have you had good results or bad? cuz i read sum where else online where a person used it on there face and it gave them kinda clogged pores?
  13. well it has only been 3 1/2 days but its worked pretty good so far . it leaves my skin soft and has got rid of zits and kept new ones from coming. so far I'm pretty pleased but hopefully if i continue using it for a month or w/e it will show its true potential. you cant really put a final judgment on a product is from a couple of days, you know. I hope whoever tries it gets good results.