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  1. I can totally relate 100%. I don’t leave the house and I can barely properly function when I break out. It’s like I’m walking around showing off my biggest insecurity right on my face. The problem is, everybody tells me it’s not even noticeable and I barely have any acne. But when I look in the mirror all I can see is acne, not even my face. My eyes just go focused in on my acne. I’ve stopped going to school, hanging out with friends, and even leaving the house. Fuck anxiety and acne. Ur definit
  2. Does anyone else have Body Dysmorphia for their acne? It’s the worst looking at yourself and only seeing acne when people tell you it’s not that bad. Ugh
  3. Anyone else skip tons of school because of their acne? I always wake up, try to get ready, but then do my makeup and are unable to get myself out of the house. I’ve skipped over 20 days now and some of my teachers even make comments to me about how much I miss school. Little does everyone know, I don’t wanna skip school. I’m embarrassed and can’t get myself out of the house today. Any tips/anyone relate?