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  1. Do any of you know of a doctor that will be getting one of these any time soon? I'm hopeful that this new Fraxel could help improve my moderate rolling scars...
  2. I had Radiesse injected last week to help fill in some rolling scars along my jawline and on my chin. I'm pretty happy with the results, although in retrospect, I should have had subsicion done first (need to discuss that with the PS for next time). Anyway, according to the Radiesse website (www.radiesse.com), Radiesse injections stimulate collagen production and encourage tissue growth in and around the injection area. It also says that: "Over time, your body absorbs the gel carrier while
  3. Bulletproof, I admire your candor and courage in telling your guy about your scars and your concerns. His reaction is really encouraging! Please keep us posted on how things are going...