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  1. All is well. :) How're you? I love Army of Darkness....hell yes!

  2. hey rockstar, hows it goin'

  3. Ok...so the semester is winding down, but not exactly letting up. I have 2 novels to finish before the 14th, a paper to write, 2 exams, and yeah...not sure what else I'll need to do for my psych lab. Anyways...since I've decided to stay at school during the spring/summer semester, I figured that I need to try a new approach with my skin care. I've ditched the Clearasil products because as I noted in a prior post, I can't find the old formula of the face wash and the new one contains menthol wh
  4. Aside from just the coffee, I agree with one of the above posters, it probably is a combination of the late nights and stress. If your body isn't getting the rest that it needs, I doubt that it has the adequate time to repair itself. I notice that sleep is definitely a factor in my skin's problems; if I don't get enough sleep then my skin takes longer to repair itself, in addition to new breakouts. Just on a side note, I am also a university student, so I know how stressful it gets sometimes. In
  5. I can definitely relate with you. I, like you, have avoided dermatologists at almost all costs because I don't want to deal with the trial-and-error method of topicals and other prescriptions. I congratulate you on at least finding a regimen that will/does keep you mostly clear; I'm still working on finding that balance. Don't loose faith. If you do go out with friends to eat, etc...perhaps look for alternative food options that fit into your diet. On a side note, perhaps you could try to inc
  6. I'm the same...I'll have one or maybe 2 pimples a month on my back...but that's about it. My face is another story...
  7. I'm using their StayClear Oil Free Daily Face Wash. It has triclosan in it...not SA, but I like it a lot. I've been using their triclosan products for around 6 or 7 months and I really do feel it helps because it's an antibacterial wash.
  8. Hey.... I don't use the StayClear 2% SA wash, but I do use the cream cleanser. I like it...although it's a bit perfumy. I liked their original cream wash better (it didn't have menthol), but I still like the products overall. I just use that wash. I know it doesn't really help since it's not SA, but I think that you could probably get away with washing with the SA at night and the cream wash during the day (it has Triclosan in it-an antibacterial) or vice versa. I think that would help clean up
  9. I never took a B-complex, but I did/have taken multivitamins on and off before. I've stopped taking them completely in the past because of it, but since I'm going the holistic route, I've been trying to just take a multi-vit. once every other day to ensure that I get whatever vitamins/minerals I don't get in my diet. I feel that it should be adequate considering my diet consists mainly of veggies and fruits. It didn't make me itchy, but I was getting larger underground pimples that sort of felt
  10. Ok....so I really slack off and don't update this nearly as much as I should. Acknowledged. I've been really disheartened lately. I am so frustrated and just depressed overall because of my skin. I hate it. I hate walking with my eyes turned towards the ground because I feel disgusting. I hate feeling like everyone's staring at my flaws. I hate that I seclude myself from others because of it. I hate the fact that after I have a "decent" skin day, I tear my skin apart; I see blackheads/pimples
  11. Back at school! Ahh...the relief in knowing I can have my salads and fruits back! lol. Anywho...I've decided that maybe I will still try to use Clearasil, but only once a day. I like the JASON tea tree soap, but I can't use it 2x a day because my skin gets really dry....so I'll try to only use that during the day and use the Clearasil at night. My skin is definitely improving, but I need to make sure I counter the dryness so I don't break out. Anyways...that's it for now...I have to get some
  12. I can definitely relate. Although I didn't exactly "move" to a different climate, I'm still stuck tyring to figure out what's wrong with my skin. When I was around 17 I went on bc and that pretty much cleared me up, but I stopped using it, and a few months later my skin was like a war zone. Ever since then I've been battling with my skin. I'm the same way as you...I don't just pick the one zit that needs to go or is ready, I tear my face apart until virtually every spot is red....then I put a cl
  13. ok....so it's been a bit of a rough week. I've been home visiting family for the break, and of course my skin takes a turn for the worst. I've been switching products like it's my job, which definitely has to stop. I am going t stop using clearasil and the neutrogena. I like the clearasil, but it has alcohol in it which I believe is causing irritation on my forehead; I get these small little red bumps from it that don't go away apparently. Also, I like the Neutrogena, but I'm really nervous abou