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  1. Studio Fix powder does not have isopropyl palmitate, but isostearyl palmitate which is not pore clogging. Here are the ingredients: talc, silica, isostearyl palmitate, methicone, methylparaben, propylparaben, May Contain: titanium dioxide CI77891, iron oxides CI77491 CI77492 CI77499, chromium oxide green CI77288, ultramarines CI77007 CI 77013 I just started using it again & I'm likng it. Just try not to cake it on, cleanse your face well at night & you'll be fine.
  2. Hi there! I have recently had the same concerns w/MAC foundations so I emailed the company and asked specifically why the products didn't say "non-comedogenic". Here was the MA's reply: "All of our ingredients and formulations are tested in vitro and on human volunteers. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to conduct animal testing on our behalf. We do not use the term "non-comedogenic", as this term traditionally applies to animal-testing procedures. We d
  3. These are great tips, Prophetess! Thanks.... trying it tomorrow morning :) Does anyone here have EM shadows and blue eyes? If so, which ones are great to make them pop, and which should I steer clear of? TIA!
  4. You mean you were using aloe vera straight from the plant :D ? Finishing Dust is what I use. It has pretty good reviews on MakeUpAlley. I didn't like Sundry Brunch that much since it was too cool (read: hooker pink) for my skin. But I'll try to mix it with a bit of winged butter to see if it'll be more suitable. Thanks! Straight from the plant?! :shifty: That would've been nice actually :lol:..... I was using Lily of the Desert. Thanks for the rec on finishing dust... i'd
  5. Did you have this specific problem with EM? MMU brands vary greatly. I've used other brands where I had the problem with the color changing on me later, but not with EM. I think it might have to do with how it mixes with your individual skin sebum though. Mineral makeup does look best after it has "melted" into your skin. When first applied it can look powdery, although with EM I don't even have that problem. Color changes can mean you have the wrong color too. It sounds to me like maybe you
  6. I just wanted to make a confession and ask for some advice I joined this board months ago when I had first gotten my EM and I tried it for a/b a month, but I was afraid of a sensitivity to Mica, so I had discontinued use for a while The whole reason I began using MMU is b/c of the nasty chemicals they put in DS and high-end MU brands (what is "Fragrance", anyways?! )..... I had been seeking out other options to see if there's something else that was mica-free that might work better, but sam
  7. hey stiera, how do you like the Burt's Bees Cleanser that you're using? I've been eyeing that one. Give your opinions on it, if you don't mind.
  8. welcome, ClaireLouise! i just got on the bandwagon, too. i must say that not every mineral makeup is created equal. loreal's bare naturale powder foundation (if that's the one you're referring to) has some fillers and preservatives that they label as "necessary". they put so many other additives into drugstore brands MMU (mineral makeup) to balance out other ingredients that they add. whereas with EM, just 4 or so simple ingredients. however, there are some people that cannot tolerate s
  9. Hey there... did you get help with this question yet? I just started using EM these past 3 wks and it's working really great, but I use the Intensive formula in Fair/Cool. I've got combination/oily skin, and that formula works great for me! If you've got fairly dry skin but also have some blemishes you want to cover, you could get their "Sample Kit" on their website under "Custom Kits", and get the colors that you think will blend into your skin in the "Intensive" and "Original Glo" formul
  10. "They" say that the brushes can harbor bacteria and oil from your face if not cleaned once a week or every other week. I use MAC brush cleanser (it's pink). It's not sudsy or harsh, and it dries really fast so it's ideal for me!
  11. I might look into that Philosophy primer. Can't wait to get the cellulose sponge now thanks to your positive review :) Also can't wait to hear your opinion on Smokey Pink! I use MAC Paint in "Bare Canvas" underneath my eye makeup, and it stays put for 8 hrs or so (and I DO have oily lids). I've used this for about 2 yrs now, and I've never found anything that works better. If you've got a little bit of a darker skin tone, they've got lots of colors to choose from if "Bare Canvas" is too
  12. Soft bristles, definitely! Stiff bristles can cause microscopic tears in your skin which can really damage your skin and halt the healing of your skin. When you apply your minerals, are you buffing them with a nice brush? A good brush can really help how your minerals go on. EDM has very inexpensive and good quality brushes. Just for fun I've done half my face with my old Sonia Kashuk brushes and half my face with my EDM brushes, and there's definitely a difference. My EDM side was much sm
  13. Yay! that makes me excited... i think mine should be coming in the mail this week sometime :dance: Can't wait to try it now! keep us posted on the smokey pink ;)