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  1. Which ones do you use? i read posts saying use diabetic needles but what ones are appropriate i guess im looking for 1mm length but how do you know if their the right gauge?
  2. I have some ice pick scars on the end of my nose and after reading on here it seems the best thing to do would be to individually needle them so the surrounding skin doesn't build up at the same time. Where can i buy single needles? i can find the rollers and the stamps but no singles. I'm guessing 1mm would be ok for the nose?
  3. Great results shin! Would it be possible to use this on the end of the nose or is the skin too thin there? The ebay links broken but im guessing you brought the red roller from Dong Bang (lol)? Is there any reason you chose 1.5mm over the other lengths? What creams/lotions are you using right after rolling?
  4. I've been using this gel for 2 weeks with no ill effects until friday when i woke up with hundreds of tiny little bumps under the skin on my forehead, temples and a few on my neck which is usually clear. Could this be caused by the Erythromycin? im leaning more towards it being an allergic reaction from food (only thing i can think of is black beans i had) but i was using the gel on my forehead and temples but none at all on my neck. If it was down to the gel shouldn't it have shown up within t
  5. im taking cetirizine hydrochloride (anti-histamine) for an allergy how would this affect going on niacin which i read flushes histamines into the body. would i have to stop the cetirizine or just take them at opposite ends of the day? also ive just gotten over a light case of uticaria (hives) small itchy white bumps around my temples which lasted for about 6 weeks, i read this is something to do with histamine being released in the system. would niacin flare me up again? also ive got some B5 co
  6. eddie is there any other supplements you take for bodybuilding they don't make you breakout? i can't use my tub of ON serious mass because it has like 20g of sugar per serving and i need to avoid that stuff like the plague.
  7. My girlfriends went back to poland for a few days so im thinking about fasting for 3 days then starting on the modified diet. trouble is she's always done the cooking and the only food i know how to make are things like putting a pizza in the oven, boiling up some pasta or putting steak/chickens onto my george foreman grill. Ill find it hard to cut out dairy because i was getting addicted to bowls of fruit n fibre cereal which assumed were good for me. candy has been absolutely gone for the l
  8. Yes as i said the roaccutane cleared me up completely after 2 months but i went on 3 courses of it and while the effects lasted a very long time it wasn't permanent. On a side note i'm taking zinc and modifying my diet (i.e no sugar) after reading about LGS and it seems to be working so far although i've had many false dawns before so won't get my hopes too high.
  9. It depends what regimen your taking it with, if your going for the b5 megadose then 1 b-50 complex tablet a day is enough as the complex is used to stop you becoming deficient in other b vitamins. If it's for something else then sorry i dont know.
  10. Do you need to take a 'flushing out' supplement when fasting or can you do it without? Would it be best to hold out on taking other supplements while this is going on like b5/zinc etc? Are you allowed to cheat by eating small healthy foods like a banana here or there? After this fasting/detox how quickly can you reintroduce foods into your diet? I'll admit i don't have the balls to cut out all the stuff recommended but i'll cut out practically all sugar possible, i already drink nothing but w
  11. England. Had to go to a private derm as the waiting list on the nhs was ridiculous. He put me on a few different things like washing face with hibiscrub but didnt clear me up too well then he put me on Roaccutane. after the last relapse he said i was probably one of the few where the benefits weren't permanent. Couldn't afford to go back after that but i don't think there was too much else he could do except cycle me through different presription meds.
  12. I'm a male who's had acne since i was about 14 (23 now) and like a lot of people on here have tried many things with no viable permanent solution found. ill give a quick run through of the list in semi chronological order: antibiotics oral/topical = worked moderately well but effectiveness tailed off. sauna and steam everyday = held everything at bay but was impossible for me to keep going every damn day. hibiscrub (clorohexadine gluconate) : tried neat and diluted but only saw improvement fo
  13. Not sure if this is the right forum but can you drink Apple Cider Vinegar while taking high doses of Vitamin B5? Would this play havoc with your stomach or is there any reason why this is a bad idea. Thanks for any help.
  14. I have 2 seperate products; Clindamycin 1% gel and Dans BP. I know Duac is basically these 2 combined so is there any harm in using both of these at the same time either mixing them together during application or one after the other? In my head it sounds good but when your desperate so does everything. Will it work?
  15. Sorry to drag up an old thread but has anything happened with this? I was caught out today when the UPS guy arrived and I was stood there for 5 minutes telling him I've never paid an import tax on this ever before. I also didn't see a warning on the site about a change in your classification of the package? Admittedly I went through the process quickly but that's normal when you think nothings changed. With this added cost I really don't think it's worth it now, I didn't mind paying extra for th