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  1. @Skinweird58my scaring are mainly from exfoliation products cause i use accutane before, and the skin never goes back to normal.
  2. Most of my scars are cause by exfoliating products, they are shallow and tethered even when i stretch the skin, does subcision still help?
  3. Does subcision work on amvc indented scars? Cause these scars are not cause by acne, are the scars tethered?
  4. How does your skin get destroyed? mine too. i keep getting new indented scars even from the mildest product i use. its terrifying.
  5. i think whats happening to the scars is Loss of desmosomes and decrease in tonofilaments. It means the "glue" that stick our skin cells together is weaken or lost. All of our causes of the scars are different of course. But i think the result of us is the same, Loss of desmosomes and decrease in tonofilaments. Sadly I could not find any treatment in the internet. You can search the key words highlighted in bold and understand how it happened. Maybe some of you can find out some solution
  6. do most of you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism after accutane? i think iodine is suppose to help with hypothyroidism but i think i have hyperthyroidism after accuatne, my symptom is more body hair growth. so im afraid that iodine will lead to more break outs.
  7. I dont know what to do with the scars on my face. I been hiding at home. People around me wouldn't understand so i don't bother explaining to them too. No point trying to explain to them, they will just try to give you a third person point of view advice like, its nothing or that they also have some scars. Then they would point to me their scars. Like hello, theirs is 1-2 small scars. So it shows that even with only a few scars they already mind it so much, what about people like me with more sc
  8. yes it is so underrated. people see it as nothing when its the worst disease, including the scarrings. I rather have other illness that doesn't show on your appearance. Any disease that show on the appearance is the worst. But people who doesn't have them just see it as nothing, when these acne and scarrings is the one that affect a person's mental and physical health a lot. But people just think you are being superfical. Only people who have them can truly understand.
  9. can someone pls teach on how to fast? like you really didn't eat any food for 48hours? can i take some supplements that support liver detox while fasting? what is the fastest way to fast out accutane in the body asap? i found these in internet. which one will be more effective? The 16/8 Method: Fast for 16 hours each day. ... The 5:2 Diet: Fast for 2 days per week. ... Eat-Stop-Eat: Do a 24-hour fast, once or twice a week. ... Alternate-Day Fasting: Fast every other
  10. from what i read online, spiro has to taken at the right dosage. if you take more than what your body needs to block the androgen, the remaining spiro in your body are converted to testosterone, which is the cause of acne. since 100mg is giving you more breakouts, i think you need to lower your dosage.
  11. i found a very good link that explain why people who took accutane, retionol, cod liver oil has these spontaneous scars. https://ggenereux.blog/2015/02/12/eca/ (pls read it and share whatever info u can get and advice us poor souls who are suffering from this solutions if u can understand the article) in summary, it means we are toxic in vitamin a which is obviously. the liver is full loaded with vit a, it store the excess in skin. when skin is full loaded too, it burned tissues cells
  12. i had done 2 sessions of single needling at 1.5mm using the derminator, 4 weeks apart. it seem to make my scars deeper and create new ones. first session, i saw little improvement in 2 pitted scars and more new depressed scars due to dryness of alcohol when i disinfect skin i think. its been 1 week since my second session. the scars look deeper and wider. why is it so? does needle gone too deep make the scar worse? but i only do it at 1.5mm on stretch skin though. i dont know should i do t
  13. i have this amvc after accutane. i hate accutane so much. i hate the doctor who prescribe it to me when my acne wasn't severe before accutane. the thing is i can't use any exfoliation products to treat existing scars. it will give me a new depressed scar. aha, acids, chemical peels, lasers. anything that exfoliate or make e skin peel it will give me new depressed scars. im so depress. what should i do to help with my scaring? i have order derminator. the thing is i tried dermastamping bef
  14. hi, when you were on adapalene or tretinoin did you eperience any dryness/flaking or only oilliness? i was on adapalene 0.1% for 1 month, it didnt give me any effect or changes, no dryness/flaking, only increase in oilliness. then i switch to retin a micro, now end of week2. also no changes yet. only oilliness. i just feel that retinoids don;t work for me. cause i have read in other ppl posts where they experience only oilliness it didnt work for them in the end.
  15. mine came back too. i dont find it worth it for me cause it came back worse. it came back with deep cystic which took months to heal and lots of closed comedones on cheeks which are so hard to clear. before accutane the acne isnt like this. then i try accutane again 2 months ago but only for 2months. but the closed comedones are still there. and i think the accutane is still not out of my system yet.