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  1. Do you think fs2 will work on scarring? The site is said to remove scar tissue. If it really works, can it be applied to shallow scars? What do you think?
  2. Almost everything is about hypertrophic scars. Why not study atrophic scars?
  3. Does the removal of the existing scar mean that the skin is regenerated?
  4. Do you think fs2 can cure atrophic scars? It is good for hypertrophic scars. However, it does not seem to be good for atrophic scars. What do you think?
  5. Sunogel will take a long time to release. For instance, it is very difficult to find and use a connection even when you invest in it. Although it is not fully cloned, the skin is already on the market, so you can create the entire thickness again. Let's believe in the polarity and wait for the consequences to humans.
  6. Articles about polarityte https://www.sltrib.com/news/2018/02/17/this-salt-lake-city-startup-says-its-stem-cell-treatment-will-regenerate-skin-a-new-orleans-doctor-says-its-working-for-a-burned-boy/#gallery-carousel-199013
  7. How about using an existing Skinte instead of releasing a separate derivative? shallow The scar is a laser dressing. Deep scars inject the syringe into the scar. Using existing Skinte products will not take time. Of course this can be done after human results. All of this is my guess.
  8. good news. I would like to have a derivative that can be used for face scars sooner or later. I think I can dressing or injecting after the laser. I want to use skinte in other ways.
  9. I also hope that skinte will be a starting point. There will be moments when a wound will someday become a thing of the past. But I hope you will not be too late. I always pray that this pain will end when I fall asleep. Unfortunately, modern medicine is painful and disappointing because it can not cure scars. If Skinte succeeds and derivatives come out, it may not come to the country where I live. But living with hope that I can heal will escape from suffering. I sincerely wish Skinte's succ
  10. Calm down. It's been over a month. Let's wait a little longer. It took about three months to complete the healing in the interview before. Let's wait a little longer. I am waiting for results more than anyone else. Let's wait a little longer. I want everyone to be free from the pain.
  11. I hope that results for humans will come soon. I am waiting, but I can not wait forever. I hope that we all will be free from pain.
  12. How about injecting like a filler into a syringe? It's not invasive and it's likely to have a similar effect to cutting skin. I hope skinte will work for humans. I hope SKINTE will be released this year
  13. I'm losing hope. I have been waiting since last June, but I do not know how long I have to wait.
  14. https://marketexclusive.com/polarityte-inc-nasdaqcool-files-an-8-k-regulation-fd-disclosure-6/2018/01/ I do not think there's much news yet.
  15. My thoughts are the same. Until the outcome for humans, they will not recommend skinte. They will recommend skinte after results for humans. Let's wait for the results.