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  1. So every time you went off the antibiotics you were on a topical cream and still broke out? How come you stopped using the Epiduo? That is what I am on now.
  2. Hello...I am on minocycline, just lowered my dose to 100mg a day. My derm recommended culterelle 10 billion either the chewable or capsule. I just started it about a week ago. Just thought you could look into that one...I can't comment on whether its working or not but so far so good. Have you experienced any diaherra on the mino? or any other side effects, just curious...
  3. While on the antibiotics were you on a topical treatment as well?
  4. Would love to hear from anyone who has been on antibiotics for acne and if they had success when they stopped. Would also just like to hear success stories of overcoming acne.....
  5. Took loads of antibiotics for acne over 2-3 years always worked then either stopped working or acne came back after stopping taking them.I used topical creams during/after a few courses with little success.I wasn’t “weaned off” them and didn’t take pro biotics. Antibiotics can’t differentiate between “good” and “bad” acne so if you take probiotics I would take them as far apart from your antibiotics as possible.Everyone is different but in my opinion antibiotics are/were not the answer...I had s
  6. I am trying to find out how much and which probiotic strain people take, can you tell me which brand and how many CFUs you took? I am very curious about this, thank you. And did you have any "die off" when you started the probiotic?
  7. Thank you. One more question... since you use Epiduo do you applymoisturizer afterwards if yes how long do you wait to apply it?
  8. Thank you....glad to hear that and happy for you....that's encouraging. Can you tell me what you were on? And how did you stay clear after the antibiotics?
  9. I am already on it. Were you weaned off your antibiotic or did you just stop them?
  10. I am 15, male. I always had acne, few spots but never anything bad. In late October and November of 2017 I broke out worse than ever. I was using Exposed skin care, and it was doing nothing. Went to the dermatologist and she gave all of 5 minutes and prescribed Minocycline 100mg 2x a day, duac topical in the morning and epiduo forte gel at night. My mom thought that was a bit much so we went to see my primary care dr who said to do the antibiotic and epiduo, not the duac. So I have been on
  11. I am seeing another derm on Thursday, will report back what I find out. May I ask, are you male or female? And how long have you battled acne?
  12. Please respond.....I keep reading how after you get off oral antibiotics, you break out worse. These are my questions: 1. How long were on the antibiotics? 2. Were you using any topical acne cream? 3. Were you weaned off? 4. Were you taking probiotics while on the antibiotics? I have read that the reason you break out after antibiotics is because you wiped out all the good bacteria. Also has ANYONE had success after oral antibiotic treatment?
  13. Thank you for the reply. I am being weaned off in about 2 weeks....makes me nervous. I keep reading i need to take probiotics but then on this group people say they make you break out.
  14. Hey..how are you doing? I don't think i have seen any posts from you recently so wanted to check in. My face is doing pretty good, but for the first time in awhile my face stung a bit when I applied my moisturizer, not sure why. Would love to know how you are doing....