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  1. Taking a zinc supplement has helped me so much too! I also take 15mg from holland and Barrett x
  2. Hi Lalala Thought I would comment as no one has responded yet. I came off the pill back in May/June 2017. I too wanted to start a family but was terrified of coming off and having my acne come back, especially after reading horror stories of people’s acne coming back even worse than before. I finally decided that it was time to come off. I read lots about others weaning off, so I did the same. The weaning process took about 6 months, until I finally stopped in May/June. I feel like the weaning
  3. Hi Coldice I actually just joined so I could post about my success coming off BCP and saw your post I came off the pill in June this year. I weaned off; so cut the pill and took 3/4 of it for 2 months, 1/2 of it for 2 months and finally a 1/4 for 2 months. During this time I was also using the acne.org regimen. Ive been using the regimen for years, but during the last month of weaning and after that, I have been strict with the regimen and have not used any other products. I do still break o