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  1. It's not my goal to be liked -- I just enjoy when I'm right.
  2. "How MANY Times.. do i gotta tell you I DONT DO THAT. Plus what about the first few times i did it... did i have ANY IDEA it would give me BAD acne.... No so i also had no reason to fear it and be scared but after 12 times or so doing it and each time getting fucked up breakout 5 days later... I learned its how it WORKS... for me unfortunately and so no its not caused by me freaking out or anything after masturbation... because i didn't know this would happen in first 12 times or so i did it any
  3. I don't see what's wrong with dairy. I'm waiting for when the new fake-acne causer because H2O or protein.
  4. Profiteering knows best? Since I know Dove soap and water is expensive, it's no wonder I promote them. Peace
  5. Food doesn't cause your breakouts. Don't stress over your current acne and you'll never have a problem.
  6. $20 says he'll be back... Then we'll have a hypocrite. <3 Steve <3
  7. Yeah seriously. Spend less time complaining and more time focusing on school.
  8. Use it -- the problem is that it causes amazing skin damage over time.
  9. The Chinese theory is retarded. Getting more sleep reduces stress/cortisol levels but this won't be significant enough in almost everyone to make a difference.
  10. Don't even try. Mel is here to make himself think he likes nature (though he STILL hasn't denounced technology and moved to a jungle). In other words, he'd love nature until the rain came down.
  11. Wrong. Testosterone doesn't increase dramatically after masturbating. Doctors believe that mental attitudes can impact testosterone production much more than masturbation.
  12. What the HELL does a tribe moving before a tsunami have to do with acne? Stop being a dumbass, Mel.
  13. Yeah Brandon, that is uncalled for. It works for him/her, it works for him/her.