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  1. I'm not sure if you can combine. You'll have to ask your derm about that. My derm told me I have to wait 4-6 weeks in between subcision procedures. I'm guessing you'll have to wait just as long if you get Repair done after a subcision. I hope you do get it done. Im thinking about doing a 2nd treatment but want to see the full outcome in a few months. So is the subcision is for acne right?
  2. Wow, congrats. I definitely see an improvement over your baseline photos. It gives me that much more hope for myself. I just had a subcision procedure last friday, and will need to do 1 or 2 more before I can go on to Repair. Thanks for the updates! I thought you had left us.
  3. I would suggest Restore if it's not that bad. You can go the Total FX/Repair route if it's worse. You can also try chemical peels. I'm in the same boat as you.. a lot of scars and uneven texture. I'm going to try a couple of subcisions and then hit the Repair. Good luck.
  4. Mr. Matt, what were the costs of your subcision procedures? Did they charge per scar? Do you remember how many scars he worked on? My derm said he is charging 1500 for 60 scars, which comes down to $25 per scar.
  5. Sorry Dudley, I meant 2-3 days downtime for the subcision. He didn't really talk to me about Repair even though I tried to ask him about it, although he did explain how Repair worked and said he'd talk to me about it after a couple of subcisions. Anyone out there who've had experience with subcision please post up!
  6. I live in the bay area in California. There are definitely plenty of surgeons and derms out here. He did say he would do about 60+ scars as I do have quite a few. Is that still worth it for $1500? He definitely seemed like he knew what he was doing, albeit a little arrogant at the same time. The $5000 price tag for fraxel repair was expected though. How long would the downtime be? He said that there may be some bruising involved but that people sometimes go back to work 2-3 days after the proc
  7. So I just had an appointment today at a derm's office for my acne scarring. I told him I had wanted to get Fraxel Repair done but he says that he wants to do about 2-3 subcisions before moving on to the Fraxel Repair. He seemed pretty knowledgeable, but pretty arrogant. He had quoted me $1500 for 1 session of subcision and $5000 for Repair. Does that seem reasonable, or is he trying to pull a fast one? I just don't think subcision will work for me because I have all types of scarring all over m
  8. I hope this works out for you too. I will be following your progress. Shoot, I guess now it's my turn to get on it. Haha
  9. Dudley, I'm confused. You gave a link that lists the specs of Active FX and Deep FX along with Repair. http://www.mixtoskinresurfacing.com/downlo...heticTrends.pdf The specs say Active FX has an ablation depth of 120 microns whereas Deep FX has a depth of 700 micron. Repair is listed has having a depth up to 1.6mm.
  10. Would you happen to have any before pics? Hope this works out for you!
  11. Pumpkin head, sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. I do have ice pick scars, but I also have quite a few boxscars and rolling scars. My skin tone is off and the skin is very uneven. I hope Repair would at least fix these issues and I can deal with my ice picks later with TCA Cross or some other treatments. Was the main reason for you Repair for your ice picks/enlarged pores?
  12. Factoring in the down time, money, and pain, are you happy with your results? I have heard fillers work wonders, but yes you would have to keep doing it every 6 months or so. I have not looked into fillers much because I have my heart set on Repair. If Repair doesn't satisfy me (I hope it works) then I would look into fillers. I hope your healing gets better from here on out. Do you still say it's about a ~25%-~30% improvement?
  13. Yeah, I understand. I won't be getting my hopes up too high either.