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  1. Was wondering if you had any success with the Allicin? I just purchased some myself and began taking them today. Let me know!
  2. I just wanted to say, it's now August 2011 and I am still using Turmeric, Guggul, and a multi-vitamin. I do the occasional turmeric mask (mix turmeric w/coconut oil.. it can stain and it takes a long time to rinse off but I really like it and it is moisturizing). I have also eliminated all animal products from my diet starting January 1st. I am still using Beauty Naturally moisturizer at night and Boscia moisturizer during the day. I wash my face & body with Dudu-Osun African Black Soap.
  3. Update: After taking Guggul again for a week... my face is already almost clear again! So awesome. Wicky - The hydrosol is not moisturizing.. it is just supposed to help calm your rosacea. It wouldn't hurt to try it out, but don't expect miracles. I also use Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration during the day, which is all natural and doesn't have irritants in it, plus it is good if you have oily skin. It is expensive but you can get a good deal on ebay. "Beauty Naturally Rosacea Moisturizin
  4. I hope the Turmeric works for you wicky! If you have an overactive thyroid, you should use caution when use guggul or avoid it. Consult a doctor/naturopath/dermatologist and/or do some research on the internet. My Guggul just arrived, so it will probably be a few weeks before my acne starts healing again. It's not too terribly bad right now, thankfully. Good luck with the Turmeric!
  5. So my Guggul hasn't arrived yet and now I can feel a cyst forming on the other side of my chin... it sucked having a bit zit on New Years . I really hope it gets here soon, hopefully Monday! Will keep updated once my Guggul gets here... hopefully my results are the same as before. Pearl 188 - luckily I've never had Turmeric stain anything.. Mountain Rose Herbs is awesome! They're actually located only about 3 hours away from me (but I've never been there).
  6. Oh, I don't always get them from the same place, it doesn't really matter. I just got them from Mothernature.com last time because they are a good deal there, and if you spend a certain amount of $$ it's free shipping. But this time I wasn't going to spend enough to get free shipping. But I just get them wherever.. like last time I got guggul it was from Amazon.com (they offer free shipping too if you spend $25), and last time I got turmeric from Mountain rose herbs... it really doesn't matt
  7. Um, so after being off Guggul for a few weeks I now have a big "cyst" on my chin.. it's not as big as some I have had in the past, but it really sucks. It's the first one I've had in months! I quickly ordered some more Guggul and am now kicking myself for going off it. Never again! I'm more convinced than ever now that it is the Guggul Turmeric combo that is working for me. I should have known Guggul was helping - after all, in tests it's shown to work a lot like doxycycline. Now I get to
  8. Hi RedViolyn, I'm sorry that the yogurt mask has dried out your skin! I have oily skin, so I don't have that problem. I've kind of slacked off on doing the mask lately, and my skin isn't getting any worse, so I don't know how helpful it is anyway. Now I'm only doing it about once a week. I do like using the turmeric as a gentle exfoliant. I usually put on a gentle moisturizer after I do the mask, have you been moisturizing? I use Beauty Naturally Rosacea Moisturizing Cream at night.
  9. It's best to take it with food, but I don't think it matters what kind of food. You should just have something in your stomach.
  10. I have had no problems with staining, as long as you use a good soap (not something too gentle), and you may need to wash twice.. I have had no problems at all with staining and I do the mask several times a week. I recommend doing the mask right before you shower so you can make sure to get it washed off well. I usually leave the mask on 10-15 mins or until dry.
  11. Hi RedViolyn, I generally mix the yogurt and turmeric, scrub my skin with it to exfoliate (optional), and leave it on for 10-15 minutes or until dry. I usually do this in the morning and wash it off in the shower with my Deitanseki Soap Bar, washing it twice generally gets all the stain off. I think as long as you use a good enough soap you won't have problems with stains, if you use something too gentle though (like Cetaphil) it might not get all the orange off. It might be best to try this
  12. Sito - Thank you! I got the Hydrosol from mountainroseherbs.com. I suppose you could use another base for your turmeric mask if you did not want to use yogurt, such as just water, honey, egg, or some sort of oil. Dan - I'm not sure how big of a roll the yogurt plays. I have been eating yogurt most of my life and still have had acne. For me at least, I think the turmeric plays a pretty big role. Leet - Diet soda and alcohol are probably not helping your skin problems at all, alcohol and caf
  13. Hell RedViolyn, It's kind of hard to pinpoint how long it took to get results. I was trying all sorts of herbs and masks and stuff for a long time before I finally started seeing results. I believe it was about a month after I started taking the turmeric/guggul combo and doing the turmeric/yogurt mask and using the hydrosol toner that the hormonal break-outs finally stopped. I haven't taken anything out of my routine because I don't want to take something out that's working and end up getti
  14. I get my turmeric & guggul capsules from mothernature.com.. they have good deals and free shipping if you spend $49.. The specific turmeric I like to buy is Product # 212037, the guggul I buy is Product # 173860 (type the product # in the search bar). I don't really think the brand matters too much though, I just prefer the vegetarian capsules. The soap I use I purchased from Amazon, but if you're on mothernature.com anyway then Product # 242286 (black african soap), looks similar, and
  15. It sure wouldn't hurt to try. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, which enable it to heal skin. Just do any basic internet search, and people swear by it. Guggul has good results also. Always consult your doctor if you're on any prescription drugs. Good luck!