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  1. You are totally right. I have to deal with people's reactions to my face everyday and i swear its hard everytime. But am working on going out more often.
  2. Am glad you passed your sophomore year despite having acne. And you are right there might be people with worser acne but that still doesn't numb the pain. I always wanted to enjoy that university life but its clear i wont have that privilege. Anyway i wish you all the best with your studies and i hope one day all this will just be a story of the past.
  3. Hey everyone Fred here,am from Zambia,Africa and its my first time posting anything here. I just want to share my acne story. So i started having acne at 15 but then it wasnt serious, i could live with it, but it got really worse at age 16 when i was in my final year of high school. Right before it got worse i had my first serious relationship, it was my first time liking someone that much. But unfortunately after my acne got worse, the relationship didn't work out (i couldn't blame her). My