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  1. I haven't read the entire thread (just the first couple pages), but I'd just like to say that I have mild SD in the creases of my nose and on my forehead (developed a few years after ending my successful accutane treatment). Because of this, I've NEVER been able to wear foundation (not like that's a huge problem, I'm just saying...lol). It always ends up a flaky mess. Anyway, a few days ago someone on the first page suggested using BP. I had previously ordered some (5%) for my brothers's ac
  2. When I was 16ish I went on accutane. It cleared up my acne (leaving some barely noticeable scars on my forehead...I dunno if I still have my gallery up), but it also made my skin DRY! I'm 19 now and my acne (for the most part...I have small PMS breakouts monthly) is still non existant. But, I have yet to get the moisture back in my skin. A few months ago I found a great moisturizer (JASON Vitamin E 25,000 IU Age renewal cream) which feels like the equivalent of smoothing butter on your skin. An
    Nothing added (no fragrance, tints, parabens...etc.), cheap, not greasy, doesn't clog pores. Not hydrating enough for very dry skin, no SPF. I began using Complex 15 a little over a year ago. My derm recommended it for me when I was on accutane. It worked wonderfully to moisturize my dry skin! It didn't clog my pores and it didn't make me look greasy. However, 2 or so years after accutane, my skin has gotten increasingly dry! Only in the winter months, but God, winter feels so long! With that sa
  3. I'm wondering because I've tried multiple different products and still haven't found ones that I'm completely happy with. Well, my cleanser (Spectro Jel ) is about the only thing. My skin is pretty clear except for hormonal breakouts once a month. So, I don't need medicated creams or anything like that. I'm just trying to find a set of good products that will preserve my skin and not cause any future pimples/skin conditions! Along with the Spectro Gel, I use Complex 15 moisturizer. It's perf
  4. She's probably just surprised to see a guy who actually cares about his skin. I know I would be! Pleasently surprised, of course!
  5. I won't express my dislike for random tattoos (I'm all for tattoos with meaning...remembering a passed away loved) to you, but I will tell you that tattoos are forever! Remember that! You'll have them on your wedding day, when your kids are born, when you turn 85...etc.
  6. Hun, learn to love them! I've got a butt load of them (see pictures) and hated them when I was younger. But, I really like them now. I think they make me look different and unique. Without them, I think I'd look very plain and boring. If you're born with them, they're something you're meant to have! They're you! Taking them away would just make you less of a person imo!
  7. Perhaps try L'Oreal True Match. I have very pale skin and the second lightest colour (N2 I think it was) matched me perfectly. It looked very natural on. It definitely made my skin glow and covered very well. However, I was sensitive to something in the product. I made my skin (which is already dry) very flaky and irritated. It didn't cause me to breakout at all, but it did give me red rashes around my eyes, nose and mouth. It may work for you, though. Everyone's skin is different.
  8. I've always always always had these little things around my nose. I don't know what they are, but I do know that they don't want to leave. Any ideas? Clogged pores, blackheads, white heads...? My regimen is the same in the morning and the night. Wash with spectro jel and moisturize using complex 15. Also, regardless of how much moisturizer I use however, certain areas (crease of my nose and forehead...especially above my brows) are always dry and flakey. I can scrub my skin raw by exfoliating,
  9. Alright...I'll have to try out some new moisturizers then! Hopefully it doesn't get too much worse.
  10. I've been off of 'tane for 2 years(ish) now. God, it's the most amazing drug! Of course, it does some pretty crazy stuff to your body...But, to me, it's worth it. Aaanyway, my skin has since cleared up. Not completely. For the first few months afterwards it was pretty much completely clear. However, since then I've gotten many clogged pores and pimples on my forehead and around my nose. They haven't bothered me at all. Here are some recent pictures to see for yourself: http://dailybooth.com/KyP
  11. Hi Jose! I've been post-accutane for almost (or maybe over?) two years now. Throughout the journey I got the normal dryness of the eyes and skin, chapped lips, sore muscles/joints or whatever...I had no problem with it. My skin was clearing up and that's all that mattered to me. And, it still is. I didn't really think about this until recently, but I do think I have some permanent side effects of the drug. First of all, my skin is SO dry. If I don't moisturize twice a day (and sometimes even if
  12. Great...thanks to both of you! Think I'll get the Aveeno I'll definitely post back once I get it/start using it.
  13. I'm looking into getting a daily facial moisturizer with an SPF included in it. But, I'm struggling to find the perfect brand/product. I have acne-free combination skin which tends to get really oily and breakout with the wrong products. I'm currently not using any acne meds on my skin (nor will I be in the future), so my skin is not flaky or anything. I've been looking at the product reviews for facial moisturizers with SPF and it seems like the best ones have been discontinued. And, the ones
  14. Took me 4 months to notice the full results. Been free of acne for 2 years-ish now. Hang in there...either way you're a cutie!