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  1. I have changed my diet (removed dairy and gluten), i drink plenty of water everyday, started taking enteragam for my ibs, exercise regularly, and i soon hope to start evening primrose oil for hormonal balance. I wash with a mild cleanser and use apple cider vinegar as a toner. Would zinc benefit my acne? If it helps, I had an eating disorder in the past that may have messed with hormones and or vitamin levels. Thanks.
  2. I would try getting your hormones tested, honestly. I have a similar problem, nothing has worked for me topically, and to my surprise, my doctor detected an ovarian cyst. I think this could be my connection to acne. You may be suffering some sort of hormonal imbalance or thyroid dysfunction, both of which are treatable.
  3. I meant treatment to prevent the formation of other cysts, AND to hopefully help my acne. It's strange that my acne started at the same time I developed symptoms of an ovarian cyst, don't you think? My guess is maybe a hormonal imbalance or low thyroid.
  4. I was at the ER yesterday and through two ultrasounds, they detected an ovarian cyst about 2 1/2 inches long on my right ovary (which I found funny, because the right side of my face seems to break out much more than my left). That leaves me wondering, is this truly the cause of my acne? I developed acne about four months ago, and thought it's mild, I wonder if this is why it never heals and keeps appearing. The doctor suspected it recently popped, so does this mean I'll start healing or will t
  5. I get the same bumps! They appear at random and some will come to a head, but others just linger on my cheeks for days. It's so frustrating, but this definitely leads me to think that both of ours are hormonal, since you mentioned getting off of birth control. I assume I have low estrogen, and since your body was no longer receiving estrogen from the pill, maybe you could have the same? Is your skin slow to heal, as well? My pigmentation lingers for MONTHS.
  6. Does selenium promote general hormonal balance or does it only improve thyroid symptoms? Also, what kind of magnesium do you use? Congrats, btw ☺️
  7. So, what kind of hormonal acne did you have? Like what kind of imbalance was causing it? I suspect I have low estrogen and am wondering if this would work for me. I'm young, only 18, so I don't know if I would be prescribed many hormone altering things.
  8. This is really interesting to me. I've wondered about this for a while but I'm not sure. My acne is mild, and only on my face (primarily cheeks, hairline, under the skin bumps on forehead). The spots I get them in seem to flare back up, though. I had suspected it might be a hormonal imbalance because of the fact that I've had other issues indicating such.
  9. Yes, I've considered the leaky gut thing, but unfortunately won't be able to see my Gastroenterologist until Jan 3rd. I've never tried them, no. Should I? I'm currently taking a probiotic as well.
  10. I have a similar problem. I had always had clear skin up until this past September, when I began to get pimples on my cheeks that would leave hyperpigmentation for months and take forever to heal. Do you have any stomach problems? I believe that could be the root of mine. Dietary changes such as removing dairy, sugar, etc. can help improve the skin while you get to the root of the problem. Though I still haven't fully resolved my own acne myself, I do reccomend trying to get to the root cause of
  11. I can't seem to figure out how to fix my digestion. I've cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, and most wheat, I'm drinking tons of water and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, I'm taking a probiotic and fiber. My acne has improved slightly, but I'm getting red bumps on my face from constipation. Has anyone had success curing their acne through fixing digestion? I'd just love an encouraging story right now, I'm in pain and distressed.
  12. Really? I've read about it being the cause of many people's acne. I, myself, feel like it could be behind mine because when my digestive system went south, so did my skin.
  13. Didn't do anything for me, increased skin sensitivity

    I was extremely excited to receive this product from my dermatologist in early September! My acne wasn't severe, just a few pimples spread out across my cheeks and a patch near my hairline on the right side of my face. The morning after initially applying it, the skin on my cheeks became very inflamed and sensitive. I continued using it and saw no results, it didn't make me break out any worse but it surely didn't help at all. If you're looking for a topical, I'd go with Epiduo. It worked well f
  14. Hi! I've posted before about a possible hormone imbalance being the cause of my acne, but after doing some more research, I found out constipation can actually be a cause! I've dealt with constipation for the past months, having no clue it could be connected to my acne. It does make sense, though, because when I had an x-ray during a doctors visit, the doctor pointed it out to me. The constipation started around the time I stopped eating as well, so it makes sense that it would be from that. I'