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  1. anyone please help? it would be ironic if i somehow get skin cancer( over reacting?) later on because im trying to better myself by going to the gym . after all this isnt a 5 min bike ride to the gym during sumemr
  2. hey guys me and my friend are starting to bike to the gym everyday soon and im worried about uv radiation. to start off i currently use no products on my skin at all since i stopped putting retin a on my face ( about a year and a half ago). the gym is a couple miles from where we live so i need a good sun screen that i can use for my face which i think is pretty sensative. if u can tell me the brand and spf as well. also a sunscreen that wont be all sticky when i sweat at the gym. Or ca
  3. hey thx for the reply. i think eating eggs doesnt cause me to break out and hopefully organic eggs arent too expensive. and also im not trying to bulk up asap im currently 2x12 on my upper and lower body on machines. i was going to start free weights after a couple months of using machines cause i guess it would be better?o.o i was wondering if i would really need protein shakes if im not trying to bulk up asap. just today one of my other friends told me one of his friends use to work out withou
  4. 2morow i am going to get a a membership at century fitness but there is one problem. me and my friend during the middle of the school year talked about going to the gym together. well just 2 days ago he told me that he had got a membership and told me to join. i was liek [email protected]#@. i new him for like 2 yrs but we got to be pretty close friends this year. we both have acne but i pretty much got mines under control over past year and a half thanks to the holistic section. Well ever since we
  5. for me yes it usually dries off(withing a couple days) and falls off and leaves a red mark depending on how big the whitehead was
  6. Well there might be a solution(i think in the future) if they ever could find the "acne" gene(s) since i saw a while back on tv that there are procedures in which a couple can select traits they want for there unborn child , Ex: Gender, physical features etc. it is also being used to fix genetic diseases that run in the family like diabetes by not including the genes in the babies dna. Hope that helps but im not sure if everything i said is correct x_X
  7. well just cheking the news on aol as usually and saw this http://www.lemondrop.com/2009/01/14/sip-aw...y-spring-water/
  8. Hey everyone i barely post but i really need help on my diet.Im almost 16 years old and im vietnamese.in my house we always eat white rice every day.and what ive read thats bad.also we eat meat like beef,pork,chicken,dog<--jking.my family knows that the meats are bad for you cause they know about the animals being pumped with like 1billion chemicals etc.my grandma and aunt who i also live with actually havne gone vegitarian(like a year or 2 now) because of their religion and being healthy. th
  9. if its not a + we have every right 2 dipise it how ever u spell it.in other words with acne we just want 2 be normal? =////
  10. DitVit


    wow ur grandma broke out from it??wonder what it would do 2 me =/.well i wa sjust wondering if it was like those foney stuff =I. one more thing i thought it just makes them less noticeable or dus it help in the healing process?
  11. bio oil is sopsedly sumthing that makes ur scar apearence less noticeable?has like any1 tried it? just sumthing i saw on a commercial =/.wonderng if it works thats all...oops 4got dont no if it is for acne scars though o.o
  12. so far its been 4 days swimming for gym and i got likelike 4 small pimples but not much Sigh another week to go...
  13. AHhhHh so is it good or bad? lol bad = 1 good = 1
  14. Ni Hao Chao Hola Salut Konichiwa Hiya ! Well to start im in 9th grade and for gym u have 2 swim for 2 weeks as a grade.i jus started 2 days ago and i got liek a few small pimples on my skin that i think might be from swimming.Usuualy now i onli get a small white head or small pimple once in a while but all of a sudden i got like 4 small pimples in liek 2 days.SoOoOoooo....i was just wondering if any1 gets pimples from chlroine/swimming cause if i have to i will not swim(20 points each day u mis
  15. Hey everyone i was just wondering if there is a down side to letting blackheads go out on there own like naturally.will the pores get enlarged like 100% if i let them jus get out by themselves cause i heard u can have blackheards for years.... but is it worth it 2 wait that long cause im mad scared to even touch my face D: and dont want to do anythind stupidish... thanks