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  1. Hi quick question- I'm traveling right now and I think I may have left the cap to my benzoyl peroxide tube open for a night. Last night when I opened it it was really hard to squeeze out- whereas its usually very easy and liquid-y, this time it was kind of thicker. Did I ruin the benzoyl peroxide? Is it no longer effective if the cap was left open for a bit? I just don't know if it's ok to keep applying it to my face now or if it's doing anything at all- and I'm kind of frustrated because ther
  2. Quick question- I have the 8 ounces of cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, and I also have the jojoba oil. I am going on an international trip in a week, and I just realized that we can only have carry-ons. This means that these 8-ounce containers are too big. I don't have time to order the travel-size kit before then, unless I pay for super fast shipping which I simply can't afford. Is it safe to transfer the benzoyl peroxide to a clean, 3-ounce container? Will it still be effective? And can I do
  3. I just had a few questions about the regimen: 1. I'm just a couple days into the second week of the regimen, and I'm still only doing BP at night. Should I still cleanse and moisturize my face in the morning? Or do I just do nothing in the morning? 2. My face is still very flaky, and putting on powder makeup looks pretty awful. Can I put some of the moisturizer on right before my makeup or right on top of the makeup- or is that bad for my skin? Just trting to get it not to flake so much, bu
  4. I just ordered the acne.org regimen, so i can expect it in 3-8 days. I'm 21 years old and I have had relatively clear skin my whole life- just a few zits here and there every once in awhile- but last month my skin started to freak out a bit, I'm not really sure why, and now I have acne mostly everywhere in my t-zone (forehead, cheeks by nose, and chin). I have been using cetaphil cleanser and cetaphil face moisturizer for the last few weeks, but the acne hasn't really gotten better. There are da