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  1. lol "Acne annihilators", you can count me in. thanks for the compliment, I'm a fitness nerd 8). and yeah, the sports I play are soccer and martial arts.
  2. cool! so you should be starting accutane pretty soon. I'm on my 4th pill, so far everything's good! So yeah, just wanted to share that and hope for the best (for all of us on the drug). I don't have my own thread, out of laziness, but I'll come give some support from time to time! good luck! Btw, I like your taste on hairstyle
  3. Hey Lolita I just went to the derm today after a 5 month of waiting. It took litteraly 5 min and I got prescribed to acctune. But before I need to get blood tested; and then I have to meet him again in 3 weeks to get the medication. I guess it depends on your derm. I heard alot of different stories, some are against accutane some aren't. good luck
  4. Thanks! And those are a hot pair of eyes you got there! geez

  5. geez, nice picture.

    real nice...

  6. I dunno.. but i don't have much pimples on my face its mostly all friggin red marks that won't ever leave! Hell I had the same red mark on the top of my nose right side for YEARS =/ /rant
  7. I got some Aloe Vera gel.. but does anyone know if its safe to use it while I am already using Proactive? if its okay, when do I apply it? not right after applying proactive I suppose.
  8. I thought I would NEVER get acne! guess I got shown lol
  9. bro, just go see her and forget about your skin! she saw you already so she obviously doesn't find your skin awful. It's all in your head. Yes you may have acne but other people don't see it as bad as you do!
  10. I'm a crossfitter (yes extreme fitness) No, exercise doesn't help skin or at least for me!
  11. that's nothin'. I have had one red mark on the upper part of my nose for 4 years and its still there!
  12. Thanks for the replies so yeah I called that place again and the FIRST thing they say is "Our dermatologists don't have any availabilities before march!" so I gave up and searched for other places and I got another appointment on the 4th of february.. its still in a long time but its more than a month sooner than the other place! and wow fungal folliculitis doesn't look cool, is that harder to remove?