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  1. My acne isn't too bad. Mild, slight moderate? The trade off so far is way worth it imo, but if my skin continues to change in this manner, i think i would have to re-evaluate. It's nice to see that i'm not the only one experience this change in skin tone. I'm using dan's moisturizer 2 times a day even at night so it makes my skin appear pretty healthy, but definitely not smooth in appearance and texture in comparison to what my skin was like prior to DKR. Any other experiences? specifically tow
  2. I'm not sure if i'm trippen out or not, but after a month's use of DKR, my skin texture on my entire face has changed drastically. It's kinda less smoother. Not rigid, but its definitely not smooth. I can feel the change especially when applying the moisturizer. Not when i apply it immediately, but while applying and while its close to drying, i can feel the difference of my skin. I can visually see the difference on my forehead especially. Excuse the poor description I'm not too sure if this
  3. from my personal experience, the sulfur mask works best for spot treating AND without BP or Moisturizer dried underneath the spot area. Basically, I had better results with sulfur + raw skin rather than applying BP and moisturizer over the spot area, but then again this is based on my own experiences. BTW, i leave the sulfur overnight. Sometimes it really deflates the pimple, and other times it makes the pus surface a whole lot faster.
  4. Also, if i wanted to use AHA to spot treat a certain pimple, it's okay to have BP dried already right? And if thats the case, do i resume with applying a small blob of it and sleeping on it?
  5. Your skin will be more prone to sun damage. I can't answer your other questions, because I only spot treated with BP for a short while.
  6. To make this short, basically i don't have sensitive skin and have been on DKR for 1 month flat. I'm beginning to clear (cleared about 70% so far), and i want to incorporate Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion 10% http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...amp;trxp2=16741 Just beause it's good for the skin + reduce marks. Assuming this product doesn't irritate my skin at all (besides the regular sting), can i apply this product all over my face, Once every night , and AFTER BP has dried? Or sho
  7. so you normally don't use bp as part of your regimen, only spot treating? i'm alittle concerned to use refining mask after i already have BP + Moisturizer dried under my skin
  8. Hey i have a quick question. I'm currently using DKR and Proactiv's refining mask to SPOT TREAT acne. I leave it on overnight and it helps drastically. I was wondering if there would be any problems if i had the BP + Moisturizer DRIED prior to applying the sulfur to spot treat. Should i even use BP? or even the moisturizer for the areas i want to spot treat? Any help would be greatly appreciated!