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  1. I think the process of wet shaving can have a negative effect on your skin namely because you are effectively removing a layer of skin from your face which puts of spanner in the works of your natural skin cycle. I scoffed at this thought at first but I have put in into practice myself and after two weeks of no shaving the cheeks there has been a reduction in zits. Also I think shaving could possibly have a negative effect on acne scarring because if you think about it your not letting you
  2. I hear that, those days when you just want to die are fire fueled by acne however you have to rise above and keep the fiath that you'll find something that works for you, I guarentee that you will but until then keep fucking trying coz were all in the same boat. Music helps clear my mind from the daily shit that I go through and with such a fucking kick ass band like symphony x you have better music taste than 99% of the population, just listen to Micheal Romeo rip out one of those solos and yo
  3. Please don't take my comment the wrong way, it's great to talk about acne and how we can share our expereinces and tretments and as you rightly said thats why were all here. However I think there is a problem when acne becomes so obsessive that it ruins people lives beacuse at this point the problem is clearly as physcoligical one and not a physical. Acne should not stop you going about your daily life, period. Part of the healing process is learning to live with acne as well as treat it a
  4. I agree with Makada, the more you stress over your skin the worse it gets so just try to forget it as easy as it sounds! You can piss and moan about being a great looking person but acne is ruining your life all you want it's just gonna make it worse. Eveyone has self-concious issues and yes acne is a bitch but I guarentee the minute your acne clears up you'll obsess about somthing else be it weight, hair etc. The reason why was stated earlier, MTV(spit) and all those glossy magazines portrey
  5. The manufacteres of B-5 must love this acne cure craze beacuse that stuff cost me a fuckin fortune. I was on it for 2 months and it didn't do jack fuck (sorry for language) but this stuff really pisses me off. I don't know if I wasn't on it long enough but 10 grams a day £9 a pop for absolutly no improvment caused me to stop for the sake of my wallet. Christ I must have spent about £120 on this and I don't know about you but I sure as hell expect results for this amount of money. Just bewa
  6. I quit the BP for B-5 about 3 weeks ago beacuse it's probably to harsh for the skin to have both. I also had doubts about BP for long term use so I opted for the vitamin over the chemical, I just don't fully trust something that bleeches cloths and hair. I think you should choose between them beacuse both are costing me quite a bit of dough every week but the B-5 was cheeper,easier to use and potentially more effective, just takes a shitload of time!
  7. I quit B-P on the other day and now i'm just washing and moisterising whilst supplementing with 10grams of vitamin B-5 per day. My skin insn't too good at the moment but i'm hoping my vitamin protocal will help, one thing I certainly have noticed sinced quitting B-P is the healing of new and older spots has speeded up beacuse I always found healing a slow process on B-P. I credit this to being off the B-P and the vitamin A i'm taking (30,000 iu) but my skin still looks poor beacuse i'm fucking
  8. I have been using B-P on my neck and surprisingly enough the bottom strands of my neck hair have gone blonde, well I guess blondes do have more fun beacuse i'm sure as hell going to have fun explaining this one away! Word of caution, altough this may not effect everyone be aware about B-P near your eyebrows now that would be a sight!
  9. I'm on exactly the same boat, i'm using 10gms of B-5 and following the BP regeime to the letter so it's a real bite in the friggin wallet as well as a pain with all the waiting and applying. However if this is true that you shouldn't mix BP and B-5 I would take the B-5 hands down. I''m not so sure that putting on a harsh chemical which bleeches cloths would do you many favours after long term use. Also all that moisteriser has made my skin dependent on the stuff, try not using it for a day an
  10. I will be. Oh well I suppose I wanted my social activity limited i'd rather that than have all my relatives I ain't seen in a while say 'hi.....well........errr.......your looking spotty', ahhh I relish that! You could just get bitter and angry but that isn't what christmas is about you selfish bastards so just laugh it off and when your clear next year you can ram it back down everyones throat, yes! Wishing you all a clear 2003
  11. Gaz I assume you are training for mass and strength if you are eating 3000 cals a day at a 147 bodyweight if so going to the gym 5 times a week is waaay off the mark i'm sorry to say, unless of course your training for endurence and fitness in which case ignore everything i'm about to say. You may see in the muscle rags those massive guys training 7 days a week but steriods allow them to train at such high volume beacuse the primary function on steriods is the lightning fast recovery they give.
  12. Creatine doesn't affect my skin personally and it hasn't been documented to do have any adverse effect on the skin. Take your regular creatine with your carb meals which should be about 3 a day and use prefleby high glycemic carbs such as milk, fruit, veg, oatmeal etc as this will create the insulin responce to uptake the creatine.
  13. The ZMA and Tribulas products are natural compunds designed to maximise the body natural production of testosorone in other word the work with the body, steriods on the other hand are synthetic compunds that chemically enhance testostorone levels. During this process the body stops producing natural tesotorone beacuse of the sky high levels which have been chemically induced hence after a steriod cycle side effects ala 'the shrinking bollock sydrome' occur. Prohormones have similar chemical s
  14. I was on the regeime for about 2 weeks before I started taking B-5 and I have continued the regieme troughout the course. I haven't changed anything I am doing and i'm not taking extra viatmins or any topical products. I posted the reference source a couple of weeks ago, check the archieves, as far as I know the B-5 protocal is like an internal flushing mechansim and it takes time to flush the build-up of toxins from the body, the 10 grams a day is standard dosage for acne as is 2-3 month main