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  1. hey... day 4, wow. i didnt start breaking out until a wk and half into it. i felt the same way you do right now. the good news for you is that hopefully since its early, youll be clearer sooner. for me the bad breakouts lasted for 2 wks. i put topicals on my acne while on it. i think it helped. keep your head up. just remember that in the end itll all work out. i know its hard not to worry about it but you just gota think of stuff to get your mind off of it. believe me i know its hard. i missed
  2. ok, so im off accutane, my looks good, only a few red marks and the derm said they should start fading w/in a month.... but i was wondering, i was using nivea for men products for shaving and they were ok, but i was worried about the acne coming back, so i switched to neutrogena for men. i have not been satisfied so far with those products. what is a good shaving product to use, i also want something that will help keep acne away! any suggestions
  3. ya man.... i mean look at dane cook, hes got bad acne scarring but hes got a full beard at times, i think its just age, cuz im at the same age as you and i cant quite seem to grow a full beard yet
  4. ok, so monday i am going to the derm, my face looks really goood!!!! i have a few red marks, but i was told they fade once you get off accutane, so im hoping this is my final trip there! ive been on accutane around 5 months-maybe alil over 5....fingers crossed!!! wish me luck the dry lips effect is getting very annoying lol
  5. i was using aveeno daily moisturizer and i would get marks every now and then, but i switched to using some nivea for men products(cuz of shaving) and that has worked the best!!! i just forgot to moisturize my face, but thankfully those marks were gone at night :clap: , i will never forget again lol .......and yes it is very annoying when your face is pretty close to being clear and then u get some dumb redmarks
  6. ok so i have been on accutane like almost 5 months and my skin looks really good. but every now and then i will wake up with these like red scratch marks.... as long as i moisturize at night im good but i was so tired last night i forgot and paid the price i was just wondering if any1 els has experienced this...its just reallly annoying
  7. Thanks for the comment man...hope your doin' well.

  8. TheBestIsYet2Come

    Almost done!!!

    ok, so almost done, and im happy with the results!!! only have very few red marks on my cheek which you can kind of see. i know they stick out more to me but o well lol..... what do you all think????!!
  9. does anyone know a good gel that looks natural??? someone told me about this stuff called texture dirt from fx special effects, idk but its supposedly at walgreens, but it make your hair stay in place but it looks natural...... anyone have any suggestions??
  10. hey thanks.....ya after looking at different pics i think ima keep it basically the same just kind of cut very slightly different.....i got some hair putty stuff thats like gel but looks natural so it doesnt look like my hair has gel cause i think thats what i was aiming more for. but thanks for the suggestions! ive always wanted to get like the buzz cut, i guess kind of like beckham had it for awile, but im always scared to shave off my hair lol......
  11. I agree that we shouldn't be telling them how to do their jobs, but I also believe we need to be our own advocates. While I greatly respect drs and the grueling education they've received, I certainly don't see them as gods who know everything! There's nothing wrong with making suggestions to them or asking questions. Any dr who gets offended by that needs to get over themselves and their egos. A lot of medicine is opinion, not hardcore facts, and we have to take that into account.
  12. im on accutane and my face is getting clearer so i dont know if the hair/pillow thing causes breakouts for me... but i do know that if i dont have like a silk like fabric on my pillow and theres just like a flannel or something of that sort, i wake up with what looks like scratch marks, you can see in my gallery where my face has like red marks on it.... thankfully i havent had that in like 2 months now but boy was it frustrating to wake up to that then have to go to school or work or that night
  13. ok, so im thinking with the new year i want not so much a new look but just a new hairstyle.... ive had the one i have for a while now and i just want some opinions on what you guys think a good hairstyle is now....my hair is short so dont say no fabio look LOL .... but ive kind of been a fan of dane cook for a while now and while is hair is crazzy i kind of like it, but not as crazy just something nice, cool, and casual all at once.... i guess you can look at my pic in my gallery to see what i
  14. TheBestIsYet2Come


    a red mark/scratch?!!?!