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  1. Hey I'm impotent from the tane and I saw ur story was wondering if u had improved or had anything that helped message me please

  2. Well, thats what I'm doing rite now but I don't think its working... Just hope this isnt permanent.
  3. Alrite, I just finished 5 months on Accutane and around the 4th month I noticed that I was slowly losing my sex drive (libido). Obviously no sex drive means no erection, unless your on Viagra! So my derm tells me that ED and loss of libido are both documented as very rare side effects of Accutane. I was wondering why he didn't tell me this before? In any case, its already too late. Apparently, he says it shouldn't be permanent but I've been reading other guys posts on this issue and none real
  4. Just an update, I finally got my hands on 2 ebay acne lamps so that's 2 X 27W 420nm lamps. In total the wattage will be 54W. I've stopped using the aqualight which has 2 X 9W 420nm lamps (18W in total) since I didn't see improvements after about 6 weeks. So I will try the 2 ebay lamps which has about 3 times the wattage of the aqualight and see if the increased wattage helps.
  5. Just a heads up for people interested in purchase the cheap 2x9W aqualight...I realize that it gets very, very hot after about 15-20 mins of usage. It wasn't like this when I first started using it.
  6. What you need to realise is that the effects from the light treatement are cumulative. E.g. you won't see any results (most people don't anyway) for the first few weeks, but then results start to kick in and you gradually see better and better results!! So it may simply be due to the fact you are just now starting to see positive results from the light therapy, not that you have increased the duration of exposure (although it may provide you with even greater improvement in a few weeks time)
  7. I notice that using the lamp for longer periods is better...I tried 10 (week 1), 15 (week 2) and now 20 mins on each side and I'm getting improvements. Also, I would not suggest the Beautylamp because my friend has it and says it doesn't work and also because of the high price tag...I'm going to borrow it in the next couple of weeks to see how that works.
  8. Into the middle of my 3rd week with the actinic aqualight...and so far things are still about the same. Will consider a higher wattage light soon.