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  1. ya know, ive been doin my research on the whole red mark deal and alot of ppl say apple cider vinegar is the answer. I actually started doing it 2 days ago and i have to say, it does take out redness and even complexion. i would recommend trying it
  2. ok......so ive heard for YEARS that if you have acne, to not wash your face with soap. Ive taken this as a golden rule for about 6 years UNTIL now. a few days ago, i started getting a bad breakout (some of u might think of a breakout as "oOoOoOoOo theres this little bump u need a magnifying glass to see on my lip.......I can't go to prom.". MY breakouts are more like, u cant help but stare at the 1 quarter sized volcano on the side of my face and the bumps commin off of my forehead.). But I figu
  3. ok SO, im on like my 20-21 day of the B5 and i hagve to say im pretty pleased with it. During this weekend, i ran out of proactiv. Usually, thats really bad news for me BUT, i decided not to worry about it. Friday night, i took my pills, took my shower, and just put the aloe vera on my face. in the morning, my face was just fine. USUally, my face is really oily in the morning and i get breakouts if i dont put meds on my face the night prior. My face wasnt oily AT ALL and some of the cyst marks (
  4. yeah, it makes sense that it you stop taking the B5, your face will become a war zone but,.......when can you actually stop? I mean, take the 10grams for about 3 months, when ur face is clear, start stepping down to the maintenance dosages. So, when can you actually step off of the dosages all together?How do you know when you can do that?
  5. oh sorry buddy, not directed at you, just anyone in general on how long it takes for those "marks" to go away
  6. like i mentioned, I had a "cystic initial breakout" and I'm about done with it. For those who have went through this process before, ho wlong did it take for the markings that the cysts left to go away?
  7. Hey thanks for posting a link to your log! Thats what most people want to see when they start something new, especially the B5. They want to see when what happends.
  8. Well keep in mind that it doesn't work for everyone. Thats like saying that one diet works for all!
  9. I just find it rediculous how no one gives you any details. They say "oh it works" or "no it doesn't". I've been searching this website for 2 weeks tryin to find out about B5 and thats about all I get. I get "it took 3 months." I want the "in between" story! So, in spite of that, I'll be sure to give you people the best damn report I can
  10. oh yeah, sorry I didn't add that. Now, on TOP of the 10 grams of B5 I am taking daily, I am using the all 3 steps of proactiv and the sulfur mask as a spot treatment. now I'm going to add a little bit I found with the sulfur mask since I mention it. If anyone is using it, ONLY leave it on overnight on spots such as cysts or whiteheads. I used to get over obsessive and put it on the red blotches that cysts left and it actually made the marks stay longer. What those kind of marks need is just to b
  11. Ok. Ive been reading this site up and down and they never answer the questions (such as a timeline or a log of someone using) I had about taking B5 for my acne. SO, I decided to try it for myself. -Before I started, I would get maybe 1 or 2 cyst like bumps about once every other week. I had some other minor bumps but it wasnt too bad. I had oily skin so I figured I would give this whole thing a go. Days 1 - 3 -Durring these days, I took 5 grams of B5 and by the third day, I could feel my ski