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  1. its too late....doctors say its too late. this is the all time low....what shit is this.....seriously...wtf? my moms really down, ive cried so much that i cant cry anymore. the thing is....my dad doesnt know...its gonna be hard this week. Im only 20.....im too young...i still have 1 more year of college...im already skipped 2 years of HS....i dunno....he worries about me and my skool, ill be ok though. thanks for all ur support guys... it means a lot to me....ive been strong and ive been ke
  2. when there something wrong, he just ignores it. Hes been hiding it. I think hes been hiding it for a long time...I wish he'd take better care of himself. Thanks for reponding guys, I hope this goes away soon.
  3. i woke up this morning...dad had to go to doctor and they say he could have prostate cancer.....makes all my zits vanish.........i really started to get over my zits and now...they are nothing. What a horrible day. And the worst part is....hes had symptoms for a long time...but hes the type of person that doesnt like to see doctors......so the situation doesnt look good. Have any of you known anyone with prostate cancer? I hope you guys can look past your marks and scars and see the bigger pi
  4. I heard mederma only works best for raised scars. I'm not sure how SA and mederma affect each other. I have pigmented scars....mederma didn't help me.
  5. I had really bad breakouts on my forehead but now its clear. I get breakouts now mainy on my cheeks. I had my hair cut and colored last week. I havent had any breakouts on my forhead even though she smeared the stuff on my hairline.
  6. So no non-instant oatmeal or whole wheat breads? No starch or corn starch? No products containing high fructose corn syrup? So asians get more acne because of white rice? But insulin resistance occurs mostly during puberty? What about people who are insulin resistant and eventually grow out of their acne....even when they still eat gluten? Sorry about all the questions lol!
  7. ^because religion is about faith. And people with strong faith in Christianity wont accept anything that goes against the things written in the bible.
  8. I'll be 20 next week My skin has slowly gotten better and now its pretty much clear but its still oily. Ive had acne since 12. It got really bad when I was 15-17. Ask your parents or relatives about their acne to see how long theyve had theirs.
  9. Those will fade with time. Itll probably take a couple months. I havent found anything that works to help pigmented marks fade sooner.
  10. Its like that in chinese culture too. Is it like an asian thing er......? I usually just brush it off and joke about it, but that just brings more attention to myself But its the only way I can keep myself from freaking out or i'd probaby tell my aunts to shut the fuk up. I dont know about you but in my family, its usually just the aunts that comment on things like that. And when they notice something, they'll pretty much announce it to the whole room. I remember once my aunt said, "
  11. Good list of good and bad foods, thanks
  12. Yeah its just one of those days where it feels like everything is falling apart. Turn on some music, that seems to keep my mind off things. I dont know what advice to give you...have you tried BP?