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  1. My skin looks the about the same. I stopped using the moisturizer because it was too irritating. I'll switch to something milder. I'm going to try doing 2/3 finger BP in the morning AND evening...since I'm not using his moisturizer anymore.
  2. My skin continues to look a lot better. My skin tone has improved and I have fewer pimples, but I'm not completely clear. I'm currently putting 2/3 finger of BP on at night. I tried doing a full finger and my skin got very red, dry and irritated. Too much too soon. My skin is flaking a lot around my mouth now. AM: DK cleanser, DK moisturizer, Obagi SPF 38 PM: DK cleanser, 2/3 finger DK BP gel, DK moisturizer.
  3. I've decided to just put the BP on once a day for now (at night), my skin feels too irritated when I'm in front of the sun...even if I'm in front of a window with sunscreen on. I have very fair skin. My skin looks better, some new pimples, but overall better.
  4. It's been about a week now, so I'm going to start putting on the BP twice daily. I've been putting almost half a finger of BP in the morning. My acne looks better, but there are still pimples on my forehead and small bumps on my cheeks. I still have some irritation, especially when in the sun, so I must remember to wear a hat outside as I don't like to re-apply sunscreen. I stopped taking the chinese herbs because they made me feel weird.
  5. Day 4: I know I said I would wait a week to post again, but my skin looks pretty good today. It looked pretty red last night, but I woke up this morning and it looks a lot better than when I started. I have a few pustules and some whiteheads on my forehead, but the redness and cysts are going away. AM: DK soap, DK BP, DK Moisturizer, Obagi SPF 38 PM: DK soap, DK Moisturizer I've also been taking some chinese herbs three times a day, mostly for other stuff but she said she put some in
  6. Day 3: My skin looked a little red today and it feels a little irritated. It might be the moisturizer because it felt itchy last night and I hadn't put on the BP gel. Hopefully that will go away over time.
  7. Thanks! I'll wait longer next time. I don't even think I was waitng for a whole minute.
  8. I just started the regimen and I was wondering how long you're supposed to wait between applying BP and the moisturizer. I actually haven't been waiting very long. I do wait 10 -15 minutes before applying BP.
  9. Your pictures are encouraging. I just started the regimen a couple of days ago. You look great.
  10. Day 2: I seem to be tolerating the products well. My skin gets a little tingling after I put moisturizer on the BP, but it goes away. Since I have sensitive skin, I'm only using 1/3 of a finger of BP gel once a day this week. Next week I'll do it twice a day. The cleanser is good but it may be drying my skin. Maybe I'll use a smaller amount. It's too soon for any changes with my acne so I'll update again next week. Regimen: AM DK cleanser, DK BP gel, DK moisturizer, Obagi SPF 38 Sunsc
  11. Hi Everyone, I just received my regimen kit today...so I'll start using the products tonight. I have moderate to severe inflammatory acne and red spots all over my face. I recently switched from Perricone products to Glytone and my face got really itchy and irritated. I think it may have broken me out more. I'll update in a few days. --Annie