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  1. Thanks for the response, man. Looks like a 30% glycolic peel is low risk, so I'll probably start there. With the type of scars that I have (enlarged pore/shallow ice pick) would single needling be a viable option?
  2. Can you all make treatment suggestions for my acne scars? I would consider them to be mild. I'm considering single needling for some of the more noticeable ones.
  3. how much honey are you meant to use if you add that?
  4. ive been breaking out badly the past several days and came on here to comfort myself. you all are really incredible. so many kind words and so much compassion. it is really moving and really helps me. thank you all and god bless.
  5. Hi everyone, Does it make a significant difference if you wheter you apply BP first (I use prescription Benzaclin) and then apply moisturizer or do it the other way around? Over the summer I was washing, applying benzaclin and then applying a moisturizer/sun screen and i was completely clear. Now I have been applying moisturizer first because my face gets dryer in the winter and I have been breaking out.... Please help! Thanks very much Also, I have a good facial moisturizer, but I bought a
  6. hey, two summer ago i was prescribed minocycline for moderate/severe acne. it cleared me up within months and stayed on it until this past summer. it was causing severe light sensitivity and some other side effects were occuring, and my derm thought topicals would be enough for me. i went off it in june and through august i was completely clear, but over the past few months ive been getting some acne here and there. in the past week its gotten worse, and i have some leftover minocycline from wh
  7. budvar87


    Hey, Pretty embarrassing My acne has cleared up mostly, leaving me with a lot of scars, which in turn makes me very nervous about new acne on my face. Whenver I start to get a new pimple I squeeze like crazy which gives me an awful (temporary) red mark and even a cut, or just small area of torn up skin. I know I need to stop doign this but its a crappy compulsion I cant get rid off. Does anyone know how to best let this area heal. Should I wear a bandaid, leave it open, use moisturizers, keep
  8. How do you get Retin-A... I've heard a lot about it but don't know what to buy. Can you get it over the counter or is it prescribed. I've also heard about retinoids? Is this the same thing? Are these vitamin A creams? Thanks
  9. hey everyone, im new to the forum. i have fairly new, fairly mild scars on both my cheeks. i think they are mostly ice pick scars. until a week or two ago, i had been using coast soap to wash my face. i started using cetaphil and my scars seem to look considerably better. do you think this is just a coincidence, or has cetaphil helped any of you? maybe it is just that summer is ending and im getting less sun. also, i bought a scar fading gel from CVS, anyone tried these? its probably a sham but