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  1. Be honest. Tell him your pissed off that he forgot and maybe give him a lil slap. At end of the day its just a mistake and im sure he'll want to get back in your good books.
  2. Good 2 hear u are persevering with that challenge you set yourself, I found it bloody tuff. Its kinda ironic, I was chatting like timehealsall a few years ago. Now me with a username this depressin im trying to cheer people up and be positive. I think its time for a change...

  3. I feel ya man but if I didn't know how it felt, I wouldn't be on here trying to help someone who's going through the same shit I was. What exactly do you get out of sitting in front of a mirror obsessing for 4 hours a day? Nothing, only negativity. There comes a point when you have to at least try and make a step which could possibly give you a chance to start challenging the negative beliefs you have. How is uni goinng btw?
  4. You alright Jo. Howz life these days? By now I guess you must be a pro boxer no??

  5. Dude.. sorry to hear you are down but please go to the doctor and ask about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Yes, you may have some imperfections on your skin, but they are minor and no one notices that shit. Believe, if you wanna stop obsessing and get on with your life, ask bout CBT, it will help you see things in a more realistic and balanced way. Take it eeasy.
  6. That's ridiculous, almost bordering on the absurd, I don't know why the fuck he would say that to you, especially seeing that he's known u for 3 years and knows your a sensitive gal. Sorry darling, don't let it affect your confidence, maybe he was just looking for a way out or something....
  7. Sorry to hear you are struggling matey. I can't really talk, but don't you think your friends/fam will want to see you because they want to spend time with you and all the things you have to offer, not your skin? I know the problem lies in how it makes us feel about ourselves, mayb just don't look so close up in the mirror or treat yourself to something which will cheer you up. If it means anything, from your pic you are a certified hotty anyway
  8. I did the same thing mate. I was wearing coverup for like a couple years when I was at skool becoz i was extremely self conscious about my skin, yet it only really served to make me more paranoid beccozz i was worrying even more about people finding out I wore makeup. Yeep, it was hard to give up, but one day I I just said I don't give a fuck. Why should it be so important to us what passing strangers or other people think? If you have a good bunch of friends, they will accept you for who you ar
  9. I know it's hard 2 pluck up the courage but rememba its temporary and no one gives a shit as much as you do. I get similar cystic acne on my chin too, it can be pretty awkward and drives me completely nutz at times! From what I have read from all the ladies on this site, bare minerals is highly reccomended but 60 dollars sounds like a rip off! Keep your head up hun!
  10. Time Won't Heal This


    U look ahhhmazing in this pic
  11. U have luvly eyes, don't let this crap get u down ok!
  12. its def improving. keep at it!
  13. Hey Jay I know it's probably not what you want to hear but most of what your bro was saying is right. Trust me, I know what it's like to feel the disgusting horrible and unattractive & all that, got 'diagnosed' with BDD and used to find it impossible to leave the house in the daytime, and most of the time still do. Also I too got bullied by my bro's, but thats kids. For what it's worth, your skin looks good in your photos. I know you have said you'd like to chat to a therapist or a doctor ab
  14. Queen mary's in east london! Its ok but I'm still only in my first year. Im guessing third year is a load more work thoo? Let's ace these exams, can't wait till summer!

  15. No worries. It's the truth.

  16. Yeeh History at uni. Really interesting, but a whole lot of information to cram!!

  17. I'm ok thanks, still find life tough and also sshiit i got exams starting in 3 weeks! but im fighting yo!

  18. Uhhh smoking weed by itself doesnt necessarily make 1 a low life, but when your calling out of work 3 days a week, and always hitting people up for money to buy more weed, I think that constitutes a low life.... And when your previous ex boyfriends are either in jail or going to be in jail, and your here with 6 tattoos looking for another thug........... do I even have to go on? I think you are talking about methheads or sumfin! The stoners I know are some of the nicest, laid back people
  19. Wow u look great! Skin and all. How are you feeling these days?

  20. Like crap but I will try and soldier on! Skipped collegge today tho... I wish I could just forget about what I think other people are thinking when I'm out and about. I am not a mind-reader!
  21. You should have slapped her before she got anywhere near your face. What kind of person would fucking do that!?