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  1. Stephy0611

    Bad skin texture bumpy and oily

    I surely feel like I overexfoliated and now my skin is oily red and has almost like an orange peel texture but i don't know if I should leave it alone or not. I have been exfoliatingbandbtrying new products and nothing will help. Maybe if I be very careful for a month some of the damage will subside. I'm going on vacation this summer and I want my skin to be good even if it can't get back to the way it was. I have 6 months to try and help my skin but I don't know how to help it.
  2. Stephy0611


    Forehead texture
  3. I didn't know how to add a picture so here's a link please help me! Im 16 years old and I have a history of of overwashing my skin and overexfoliating the past year. I never used anything crazy just normal drugstore products all the time and I didn't know what type of skin I had and just plopped on anything I could find because I thought it was okay. I had perfect skin until I ruined it myself besides the hormonal acne on my chin I should've had good skin. I don't know how to fix the te