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  1. Hi.. I have decided to get laser treatment, my problems are red and brown marks left over from old acne. I have had some of these marks for years.. as new acne was forming and aggregating (sp?) it.. Anyway, what laser treatment can you recommend that will clear me up? Cheers
  2. hey, hopefully someone can help me here, i am looking to get laser treatment for hyperpigmentation from old acne, so i can get my life back on track. Where in the UK can i get the medlite laser done? (i have heard this non ablative laser is best for hyperpigmentation) thankyou!!! [Edit] - Has anyone heard of or has ever used David Gault: http://www.davidgault.co.uk/ ??
  3. also here if you are in the uk: http://www.lindabriggs.co.uk/fade-away.htm As for lactic acid.. to be perfectly honest, i would start on 50% (40 is very mild) .. I have been using 50% for a while and the results take time.. I am now moving up to the highest strength lactic you can get which is 85%. Hopefully it will work faster and better.. The burning you hear of is only if people do the peels right after using bp the same day or doing the vinegar/tape then using lactic straight after like i
  4. lalalalalalala.. oops i'm sorry. I was in another dimension there.. yeah, i am talking about tca peel.. sorry
  5. I asked this a while ago and were informed to wait atleast 3 days or until peeling starts. As you don't want sweat to get trapped inbetween your new skin and the dead skin that hasn't started to peel yet.
  6. hydroquine has been banned in alot of places around the world.. just do a google search and find out why.
  7. that dark pigmentation is your dead skin.. I too hope you never did 50% on your whole face!!! It is for tca cross, the spot treating of ice picks/box cars etc.. The max one should use on their entire face is 25%
  8. thanks for replying Richard. Any chance you know how much one session is with the medlite laser?? thanks P.S. Can anyone recommend someone in the UK that does it?
  9. 2 years and you are still using it?? That doesn't give much hope to us wanting to rid red/brown marks.. Or are you doing it for "maintenance" ?? thanks
  10. this looks promising, i might get it.. (and it has vit A in it) and is in the UK: http://www.lindabriggs.co.uk/fade-away.htm
  11. what is the best method of removal for these brown marks left from acne? As it is seriously affecting my life and i want to do something that will rid me of them and let me get on with life. That dr.raport site said something about a Medlite laser removal he uses that gets rid of them in one session. It is only for my forehead, so i'm not too worried about downtime, but obviously would prefer to go with one that has the minimum downtime. Also, i live in the UK incase there is some treatments
  12. be careful, i was told water is not enough to neutralize.. mix baking powder with water and use that on your face to neutralize.
  13. thanks smilingeyes.. what is Retinyl Palmate and if i am using this can i still do lactic acid peels?? thanks