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  1. Just for the updates.. so over the last few days my acne did improve..I also started using retina A...however in last 1 week my skin has taken a sudden turn and all of a sudden I am breaking out again..I finally thought I am making some progress and then this happens.. anyways I will try to keep the blog updated.. it's just that my heart breaks everytime I write the same negative update.. still waiting for that one positive update that I can give to everyone.. if hell is real then it's here
  2. Skin still bad.. I think I am going to do next update only if I see some positive improvement..thr is no point is updating the blog with the negative effects.. let's hope I make some positive update soon.
  3. 4 active spots on face and increase in hair loss.. I am losing around 20 strands of hair in a day
  4. Still getting small little red bumps on my face which make the overall texture of my skin pretty bad.. so I am completing 7 weeks tomorrow and 2.5 weeks on dapsone.. I am emotionally and mentally more stable now.. I don't think my face has changed at all in past 7 weeks.. if I compare it has got a little worse.. let's hope for some good results in upcoming weeks..
  5. Got few more tiny pimples..they are slight red..I feel my skin is more dry and my red marks are more prominent today..I have like 15 of them so it's pretty hard looking at them like this.. I am feeling a lot tired since yesterday.. honestly I give up.. I don't think it's working.. I don't care what happens..I think I should just accept it as my fate...
  6. It's been 1.5 months!! Phew... I feel like it took forever for me to get here.. i really need to work on my emotional issues .. anyways I tried a little experiment.. I tried to take 20 mg and 10 mg on alternate days.. I noticed that everytime I take 20 mg my skin gets a little worse.. so I have decided to stick to 10 mg.. I am still getting breakouts.. I feel a little better emotionally.. although I do panic randomly sometimes.. it's like all I need a small random stupid reason and it triggers m
  7. My face hurts all the time.. :(.. it's like I can feel my face...my stupid skin is so sensitive to sun..I go out for like 15 min and I get PLE lesions.. I have got so many tiny red bumps on my face..I had the same issue last month and my derm had prescribed me some hydrocrotisone cream for 3 days which had helped a lot.. I want to use that again but I read online that it should not be used for more than 7 days.. I think I need to go back to Doctor..this is so fucking hard.. . I frequently upda
  8. My face is getting just worst and worst..I hate this..I don't think I can handle the IB part..I don't want to get out of my bed..I don't want to stop accutane because that is my only way out but it sure isn't easy..I hate what acne is doing to my life.. it's ruining me and my self confidence...
  9. So I have completed my week 5 on accutane.. I feel as if time has freezed.. and low dose accutane is like slow poison :P..you don't know if it going to work or not and you just hope for things to start getting better.. anyways I have got few more little pimples pop on my face.. I am on my period so that could be one of the reason.. but my face does look messed up... Although the new pimples are less inflamed and small...there may be a slight improvement in my marks.. I am not sure..I might be ju
  10. Hey.. I follow your blog and just wanted to know how is it going with your accutane journey..
  11. I am so messed up.. I am not sure if it's the accutane or if I was already depressed .. but I am definitely not in a good state of mind.. it feels weird writing personal stuff on this site but it gives an outlet to my feelings.. I was having a discussion with a guy today and he mentioned how looks are important in relationships and the thing is I have stopped feeling beautiful after I had the bad breakout and I was left with all the red marks on my face. It made me wonder if I will be alone for
  12. So I officially completed 1 month mark yesterday. I visited my derm and he decided to keep me on 10mg dose.. my face is more red and I was seeing some improvement in my marks before but they seem to be more red now.. I have got dry Patches on my face..I am not sure if it is eczema or not..my derm said it is due to sun sensitivity and he had prescribed me a topical steroid cream for 3 days.. he has also changed my night cream to dapsone.. overall I had lot of small pimples on my face past week..
  13. Thanks for the reply!! Could you also share your updates please.. how is it working for you? Do you see any improvement.. my face is red like a tomato and I have dry patches on my face ..does it happen even on low does accutane?
  14. Hi Hockey1, I am also on Accutane 10mg daily and I have the same issue as you have. I have more red marks on my face than active pimple. I started taking Accutane from 24th January. did you see any improvement in your acne and your acne marks. I am on a 1 month mark and my skin feels tight and dry. I still get 2-3 pimples every week and I have seen no real improvement in my red acne marks (I hate them ). It would really help if you share your update. I really don't know if its worth sticking
  15. So I am back from my 2 week vacation and I have returned with no new spots . So that's a win win for me :).. I had a Terrible lifestyle in last two weeks.. anyways no major change in my pimple or spots.. I have had few small pimples but they are either gone or visible only when you get really close to my face..I am following the same skin care routine I followed last week When I started accutane I wasn't even sure it will show any results since I had less active breakouts but huge number of