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  1. hey nickmac, i think for everyone it varies what works for them and what doesn't, but for me, the aveeno redness relief stuff ended up irritating my skin more than helping. i had the daily moisturizer with spf and the night time moisturizer because i've heard a lot of good stuff about it but it just really did not work out for my skin, i think it was that feverfew or whatever that's in there that overwhelmed my skin. i also tried a few different soaps, in the end i got the best results with no s
  2. of course, being on accutane can really suck sometimes and i think hearing about positive results really helps! honestly if i can be happy with my results i think anyone can. to joe--stay strong!!! it is super discouraging when you keep breaking out but it really will get better. what kind of products are you using? i didn't realize for a long time that some of the stuff i was using was actually irritating my skin and saw a big improvement when i changed products. to pokerface--while i was on
  3. okay, so i barely ever post but i just wanted to post my experience with accutane. i broke out the entire 6 months!!! but 3 1/2 weeks post-tane i'm much happier. i started on accutane in september, i stayed on 40 mg/day the whole time. i had cystic acne witha lot of blackheads and my skin was looking insane after i tried differin, it was awful. within probably two weeks of starting accutane i had an awful IB, probably lasted until somewhere in my 3rd month. even when it went away, i always con
  4. hi everyone! so i read your posts and i really really want to try everyday minerals but i'm totally overwhelmed by all the foundation colors. i know i can order samples but i don't even know where to start!!! i have no idea which ones to order... my perfect foundation color is revlon colorstay in buff.. does anyone happen to know which foundation colors are similar to that? thanks in advance!
  5. whoops! it took forever for me to remember to update but i'm finally on day 14! my skin is SUPER dry all the time. aveeno ultra calming has been helping moisturize and has definitely helped with redness, but since i'm still getting a good amount of flakes, i'm going go try to use aveeno ultra calming on top of complex 15 and see if that helps. also want to switch to everyday minerals! i am sooo sick of my regular liquid foundation peeling off on top of the flakiness. it's awful and makes it look
  6. hey thanks! wow, you're a week ahead of me and already your skin is totally improving!! i hope mine gets that much better in the next week haha. i'm totally sure by the time you finish your course youll be 1000000% clear. i'm definitely trying to drink tons of water and using moisturizer and lip balm.. but i feel like no matter what i do i'm still dry!! ahh!! oh well.. its all worth it for clear skin!!
  7. hey, i just started college and accutane too! it SUCKS.. i wish i was already done with accutane cuz i hate that the first impression people get is that i'm totally broken out! ugh! but better now than later. college lifestyle definitely makes it harder to be on accutane.. but it'll be worth it in the end good luck!!!
  8. thanks un4tunate wow already day 7! well my face is definitely even drier and i'm getting my first taste of tane lips. i'm going to try putting on aquaphor on them tonight and hopefully that'll take care of it. IB is still there.. maybe a little more than before. i wish i could just fast forward to clear skin!!! i just hate seeing my face all broken out, it didn't use to be like this! i know it's going to be totally worth it but i'm just really anxious!! less tired than before thank god, and
  9. hey, i saw your post on the avene clear-ac stuff, is it still keeping you from getting flaky during the day? i'm only a few days into my accutane course and already getting reeaally dry and needing something to keep me from flaking all over the place! arrgh! good luck!
  10. hey, good luck!!! i'm only 3 days ahead of you and totally worried about the IB too, and the emotional side effects. i think it helps a lot to have a log on here, because then you get support from other people going through the same thing. anyway i hope everything goes well for you
  11. well between work and school its been hard to update, but i finally have a free minute. i'm officially on day 3 and i've totally been noticing side effects already. my skin has been significantly drier.. i've been using jojoba oil but i'm going to try aquaphor tonight, i hope it works! since i started accutane the cysts on my jawline have gotten smaller and i've gotten several small pimples.. i would be thrilled if this was my entire IB but i really doubt it. also i've been getting some headache
  12. hey ackanated, i just read your post after you took your first pill and its exactly how i'm feeling now!! i'm so anxious but so relieved... i'm dreading the IB but i feel like it'll be worth it knowing how much better itll be in a few months! looks like we're on the same dose and everything so i'll definitely be checking in.. see whats coming in the next 6 days
  13. hey everyone.. i'm an 18 year old girl in southern california and super excited to be on accutane! i just took my first pill actually and i'm praying for good results and hopefully not a terrible IB. i've had acne since i was around 12 and i've always gotten a cysts and had a ton of blackheads, but it got way worse this past summer after i tried differin. now i have a ton of red marks, a lot of actives, and two small cysts on my jawline. ughhh!! my derm said i'll be staying on a 40 mg dose for t