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  1. Easy! Get past whatever emotional trauma you've endured, or are currently struggling with. Right? Sounds easy. It's the truth. Or you may find that sticking to a regime is much simpler than maintaining a relationship when you find yourself in one
  2. Rude or not someone that does acknowledge your struggles is supportive, and alot more helpful than one who ignores them
  3. Seriously ice wiskers lol. Smile when you can friends
  4. Thanks for your post. It hit home. I'd like to say more, but.. pretty sure ya nailed it
  5. Nothing like the nonjudgmental eyes of a furry friend to make ya feel better!
  6. I always hated the saying "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's learning to dance in the rain". Probably because there is so much truth to it. Living in self-pity and blaming absolutely everything unpleasant in life on my skin was sooo easy. Until I realized that yeah acne sucks, really sucks, really really sucks but with a resolve like that, even if it wasn't for acne I would have found something else to blame my misfortune on. Staying positive and trudging forward is a daily
  7. I switched to cold coffee. I know it not the best solution, but better than nothing
  8. Totally relate, can't say there was much of a difference post accutane. Just uncomfortable being the center of attention for me
  9. Choose your battle's, but the phrase 'giving up' doesn't have a nice ring to it
  10. People tend to be hyper critical of themselves. And the people in your life want to make you feel better. Most likely if it was them it would be 'that bad'. Not saying that there is no possibility of distortion, but in the end we decided what is tolerable.
  11. first verse pretty much sums up some days... But yeah most of humanity is shit, most. The rest is what makes it worth while. Things could get better. But after a while if and when they do, there's no going back, no forgetting the wonderful perspective of society shown in a time of struggle. Cruelness by some, apathy by the masses, and empathy by few. Stay tough it's worth it
  12. You really need an expert to tell ya that. But sounds like you've been doing some digging on your own. Lots of info out there and plenty of products that could help
  13. It wouldn't hurt to see a Dr. Depending on how much it bothers you. But, as far as OTC stuff goes. It's alot of trial and error. For me I've had better luck leaning more towards mild and natural. Phat 5.5 cleanser, good moisturizer, and rosewater.
  14. 1 hr post treatment 1x. Stings a bit more than a tattoo. I'm impressed, took care of some small veins on the bridge of my nose, larger ones on the nostrils are basically gone. We will see about the defused redness, but swelling is minimal... Like I said I'm impressed and quite happy thus far. 300 per treatment.