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  1. dru-am


    i am sure it will work for you, just hang in there. if it worked the first time around it suggests that your body responds to the hormones in dianette so it will do the same again! i also started taking slow relase high potency vit C tablets along with zinc. i dont know if it helps with acne but really helps to brighten up the skin. xxx
  2. dru-am


    hi guys im half way through my fourth pack and there has been a drastic improvement in my skin. i was also a dianette user in my teens (Im 26 now) and i remember it took longer for my skin to clear but once it did, it was amazing! as in not a single spot and enough for people to make cmpliments. i think it has kicked in quicker this time around because i actually fell pregenant in january 07 but lost my baby and after that i had a lot of problems with my hormones because my body still thoug
  3. dru-am


    hi fishbowl where did you hear that it takes longer for the pill to work on mild acne? i am very new to all things acne related (besides having it all over my face ofcourse! lol!)
  4. dru-am


    hello to all users on here i have now started week 8 and i must say that i have seen an improvement in my skin recently. dont get me wrong i still get spots but they seem to be smaller, not as frequent and seem to disappear quicker than before. it would be nice to know how you all are getting on?xxx
  5. i stared taking dianette 3 weeks ago along with antibiotics to minimise the impact of intial breakouts brought on from startng BC. ( as one targets hormones and the other targets bacteria) i am aware that antibiotics can interfere with the effectiveness of BC but does it only effect the contreceptive properties of BC of does it effect the acne fighting properties aswell? please help! thanks.xx
  6. dru-am


    hi fish bowl i started taking dianette recently and im currently in week 2.5. well i have also had a breakout much like what you probably experienced! arrghh! its so frustrating cos i also thought that my skin was improving! anyway i think you started dianette probably 3 wks before i did, so how is your skin at the moment so i know what to expect for the coming days! x
  7. DAY 19 well i am towards the end of week 3 and i have had a break out! and there was me thinking that my spots were beginning to get under control! its so depressing! i got days off form work and i should be out enjoying myself but i feel too self consious to go out. :cry
  8. to be honest i dont even know ehat spiro is? if you think it would help then i would love to know more about it!
  9. DAY 10 no better, no worse. majority of spots on rigt hand side of the face.
  10. hello a bit of history to start. when i was 17 i developed acne. at 18 i started taking dianette which cleared up my skin within a few months even with a really greasy and unhealthy student diet. after a year i was recommended by my gyno to stop taking dianette as it was too strong. i was put on femodene which wasn’t as good as dianette but somewhat maintained my skin (plus my diet was healthier which may have contributed to the clearer complexion?) any way fast forward to now... my skin is